Bob’s Inde Party To Launch Campaign On Friday

IN CASE ISLANDERS were in any doubt about the relationship between the Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP) and our local MP, Bob Spink, the latter’s letter to the Indies (leaked to this blog by an insider) makes it clear that Bob is in complete charge of those lacklustre troops.

Bob begins his letter:-

Dear Colleagues,

I hope I find you all very well. We are all delighted to welcome Lee Scarisbrick on board as Candidate for Victoria ward so we have a settled full team of 8 now, but there are reserves if anyone has any second thoughts, please let me know asap.

Bob, it seems, having been thrown-out of the Conservatives, has set-up his own party in the shape of the CIIP.

This should come as no surprise to readers, who will have been informed here of the CIIP’s firm support for all things Bob, and their feeding him of local bandwagons. Neither should it come as any surprise that Bob’s strategy to obtain island votes is to attack the Tory Borough Council, and, in particular, Bill Sharp.

In this election, Spink will be directing his anger at the local Tory party for having attempted to deselect him, and venting his personal hatred of Bill Sharp whose political integrity he vowed long ago to destroy in the midst of a sordid affair. (Spink lives with Bill Sharp’s ex partner and employs her daughter, Ashleigh Sharp (and his own ex-wife, Janet Spink) at taxpayers’ expense).

As Bob points-out, correctly: he does not employ any family members in his staff.

In his letter, Spink says:-

I am trying to hold Local Tories to account and keep them defending and explaining and U turning… they are not attacking as yet… they are distracted with Beer Bribes.. thanks Lee. challenges to Cameron and split ranks on the Canvey Pool after my two public meetings… Continually pointing to the Cameron Clean up politics conflict with Bill Sharp’s position will eventually draw blood (I hope not mine!) etc. etc.

This from a man who has defrauded the taxpayer of at least £2,425.86 by claiming bogus disbursements and claimed legal expenses of over £23,000, which he has failed to address or repay.

Bob continues:-

I hope your letter for your election address will be finalised by you by 20th My strong advice is cut don’t add… fewer words the better. Some feel it is better to start the letter with a positive not negative… Which I understand, but I honestly feel people are angry and are motivated to support by the[sic] fighting the negative not explaining the positive but it is up to each of you to decide of course. I hope to get this going first week March with Eric co-ordinating the final drafting and printing if he can.

At last it is clear why there is so much opposition on the island to anything that is majority proposed. And it is also clear just how manipulative Spink is: ‘I honestly feel,’ he says, ‘people are angry and are motivated to support by the[sic] fighting the negative not explaining the positive.’

This is not democratic politics: it is a pure fascist philosophy – based upon public manipulation and control. Spink and his CIIP black-shirts have been stoking-up resentment and anger on the island for the past three years – and now they intend to harvest it.

This is not a campaign to represent islanders. It is a cynical ploy to ensure Spink and his colleagues retain their positions and lucrative, taxpayer-funded, rewards for another term.

There is not one policy; not one suggestion; not one idea in this letter that Spink or his Indies will be presenting to make this island a better place. Just as neither have put forward one policy; one suggestion; or one idea in all their time in office.

Both the BNP and the English Democrats, if you want to cast a far-right vote on May 6th, have detailed policies that can be examined – and they are both untainted by the MPs’ expenses scandal or any hint of local corruption. Indeed, the BNP was one of the first to highlight Spink ‘feeding out of the trough.’

If you want a far-right MP, then at least vote for one. Vote for someone with ideals. Vote for someone who will represent you and fight for your rights.

Do not support someone whose response to every issue is a petition or EDM – so that they can record ‘something was done’ – and then forget all about it.

And do not vote for someone who refuses to turn-up at Council meetings or is incapable of presenting a valid argument at civilised debates.

We need to reinstate Democracy on this island – and in Castle Point – this year.

Please take the trouble to make sure you vote; please do not allow yourself to be manipulated by anyone’s lies; and lastly, please do not be taken-in by political ‘re-branding’. If Bob had his way, he would no doubt set-up a national ‘Independent Party’ to give himself a crack at being PM…

Goodness! Perhaps that is what his Downer Road Press Conference will be all about on the 20th March…

… (Echo, 12/03/2010) – Castle Point MP starts green belt party

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  1. As devoid of ideas as Dr Spink may be, I cannot agree that voting for the far right is a sensible alternative. The far right is real nastiness – there is UKIP for the protesting Tory (although they do not seem inclined to put up against Dr Spink).

    I agree that people should vote based on ideas, and I hope my efforts to get an issues-based campaign has not been ignored.

    Ultimately, we will have either a Labour or Conservative Government after the election. A vote for a maverick independent is to further marginalise Castle Point.

    • I totally agree, Julian (from a personal perspective); but the voter should have the choice.

      Would you be good enough to quash one of my wilder speculations while you are here?

      There is not some kind of pact between Labour and Spink is there, Julian?

      Nothing about helping him establish a national ‘independent’ party, together with other independent MPs, and field parliamentary candidates from among the existing CIIP members in return for them abandoning their current seats on the island and providing a clear field for Labour in the Borough Council elections?

      I promise not to moderate your remarks – so feel free to call me a dumb cluck…

  2. There is no deal with Dr Spink. I have only met him, briefly, on two occasions.

    I am a democratic socialist (or even social democrat). Dr Spink is on the right. There is much to disagree with him about.

    You are not a dumb cluck, but I cannot imagine how you would think his and my politics could reach an accord.

    That being said, there is bound to be some areas of agreement, as there will be with Rebecca Harris.

    I have no idea of what the CIIP’s plans are, except that I would be surprised if they do not field candidates in the locals. I presume that this new party that Dr Spink is organising will be called BIP (Benfleet Independent Party).

    For what it is worth I have no strong opinion about Benfleet and Canvey going there own way. I actually favour a thorough reorganisation of local government with county councils abolished and replaced with regional bodies and unitaries. This is a personal view.

  3. Just a thought – Dr Spink’s team must come from two sources.

    On the island this would be CIIP.

    On the mainland this would be disgruntled Tories.

    I am speculating – what do you think?

    • I think that is fair comment, Julian.

      I think island Labour voters will be incensed over the CIIP’s backing of Spink – and misleading them in the last Borough Council and Town Council elections. And I think your candidates’ problem will be convincing them that they are any different to the ex-Labour councillors whom have betrayed them in favour of chasing a lucrative, tax-payer funded, career.

      I would not be too quick to marginalise Spink though. It is easy to think that this blog is representative of Castle Point views; but the fact is it has a very limited circulation. All power rests with the Echo and the Yellow Advertiser as far as Castle Point opinion making is concerned. Spink knows that – and he also knows how to manipulate the ‘less well read’ of the electorate (just as the BNP do).

      Spink is a very dangerous man, Julian. His type is well documented in history. And he has all the skills of a modern politician to spin facts for his own devious ends. Moreover, his power-base lies in the local media that has been too weak to resist his will.

      I note the comments you have made here before about accepting McNeill’s refusal to print your contributions – which I personally view as Editorial misconduct. Castle Point residents have a right to read your views – and especially Labour voters on the island whom have historically supported your party.

      When the local media denies a voice to its democratic representatives, the stage is set for an unrepresentative individual to be hoisted upon voters as its parliamentary MP.

      And that is the problem that you, and the Conservatives, face in this general election campaign.

      I personally think you are wrong painting Spink as a Conservative, Julian -although I respect your reasons for doing so. But this particular election is not between Red and Blue. It is about returning democracy to Castle Point and ridding residents of the vultures that prey upon it.

      I personally hope that you, and Rebecca, will be able to present your individual cases for Castle Point – and that residents will have the opportunity of hearing both your views.

      If this blog, in some small way, can make that happen: please copy your letters here…

      … and thank you for the link…

  4. The Evening Echo are now printing my stuff – although they do not print everything and some of my campaigning issues have been ‘borrowed’ without attribution.

    Both Dr Spink and Rebecca Harris have the advantage over me in that they both work in politics whereas I work at the Ford motor Company site in Dunton and have to fit everything in around work and family and football.

    The CIIP split with Labour was all about the ego of one particular person. This happened before I came on the scene and I have no desire to rake over old coals.

    The election is going to be interesting. Since I believe the economy is the number one issue I look forward to Dr Spink arguing his corner on that one!

    • :-)

      I doubt Spink will be able to hold a candle to you, Julian.

      I wish you the very best for your campaign – and thank you for contributing here…

  5. Don’t feel uniquely disadvantaged Julian!

    While I don’t have to make time for football.. I also have a family to care for and I too need to earn a living while being a candidate.

    I have simply had to go part-time to have more time to work for Castle Point.

  6. Is this the same Bob Spink who attempted to build houses on the green belt in Bournemouth against his neighbours wishes?
    is this the same Bob spink who lives in a house in Green Belt?
    Is this the same Bob Spink who verbally agreed with a developer that he would allow his green belt property to be included in a development proposal which included his site.?
    Is this the same Bob Spink who asked the ex chairman of planning whether a piece of Green Belt land he had been offered could possibly get planning permission ?

    No it must be another Bob Spink…..Or else there is an election due !!

    William K Sharp

  7. Hi Ted.
    I must say this must be the greatest fiction ever i must say you have a great imagination or a wish list, but Canvey Independents i can assure you have a good leader who as had a recent vote of confidence.
    Why would we change a leader who as increased our vote year on year? I have heard the Torys are getting company up there but what do you expect with a Cabinet that does not give a dam about its own Councillors let alone the residents.
    Regards Neville.

    • [Ted Pugh: I am awaiting confirmation from Cllr Watson that it is indeed he who has posted this comment…]

      [Ted Pugh: Now confirmed. Thanks Neville.]

  8. Hi Ted

    I am sure this is cllr Watson
    I am a strong supporter of Neville as I genuinly believe he is a hard worker and an honest person ..I am surprised however that he felt the need to tell you the CIIP have recently had to have a vote of confidence in their leader. ? The fact they had to have a vote at all means there was some disquiet in the ranks . .
    Wish you well Neville

    • I bet the vote would have had a different result if it had been taken tonight.

  9. Morning Bill.
    There is no disquiet in the ranks all in our party all come up for election every year.
    Regards Neville.

  10. is Spink completely off his rocker?


    The ISOGP?

    i take it the Greens wouldn’t have him and the right-wingers told him where to get off

    Remind me to get hold of the Yellow Advertiser next week.

    This i have really got to see……………….

  11. It makes you wonder which lasts longer Spinks membership of a party or a fruit gum?.

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