Bob Fails To Undermine Democracy Further With His Flood Plains Bill

JUST THREE MONTHS AGO, the Echo was enthusiastically reporting that Bob Spink, our local MP, had ‘put forward a private members’ bill to the House of Commons, which if passed would prevent new developments on flood plains.’

Spink was quoted as saying: ‘This is very relevant nationally and locally.

‘Canvey already suffers from surface water problems and if you build new homes you only increase the risk for both the existing and new residents.’

Bob is vehemently opposed to nasty rainwater being allowed to find its natural course through the island’s drainage system – or being evaporated by the sun. To hear him speak one would believe that islanders are forced to wade through several inches of water each day while going about their normal business – a fallacy that is often portrayed in photographs taken immediately after a seasonal downpour.

Of course the Echo must have known that Bob’s bill stood no chance of success. It was, after all, a further attempt by our disingenuous MP to further undermine Democracy. But the Echo did not report that. Instead, Max Orbach chose to caveat his piece by stating: ‘The private members’ bill will get its second reading in the House of Commons on January 29, however it is very unlikely to become law unless it receives the support of Government.’

Nice touch that, ‘… unless it receives the support of Government.’

Max was setting the stage for Spink, once again, to blame others for his future defeat.

‘I did my best on this issue,’ Spink could say; ‘But the Tories and the Government voted against me.’

But the fact is that Bob’s bill was totally ill-conceived from the outset. Hastily constructed in order to fuel the bandwagon presented by the Environment Agency advising ‘against any new building on the island because of the risk of surface water flooding,’ Bob saw an opportunity to thwart the Borough Council’s planning ability by passing a law to ensure that the Environment Agency (a totally unelected and unaccountable quango) could veto all local, democratically elected, decision makers.

But Bob has no thought for Democracy. Time after time he has shown that his only agenda is to attack and hamper local government in Castle Point – and the Echo has chosen to join him in his quest: because a juicy local protest can help increase a flagging circulation base.

Fortunately, parliament can still distinguish a bill that is designed to undermine the very foundations upon which that honourable establishment is based.

Bob’s bill failed to obtain a second reading and has therefore been dropped.

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  1. Its interesting to see so much blog directed as a ‘hate campaign against bob Spink. Does his politics really scare you that much? Rather Bob than the Scottish led Conservatives with a weak minded female candidate that has no inkling on local values whatsoever. Conservatives and Labour are both a disaster for Castlepoint and Bob Spink as an independent is the only viable vote in the coming elections

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