Was That You Winking At The PM, Bob?

BOB SPINK, our local MP, is keen to report the number of times he has been able to ‘hold the Prime Minister to account’ in the chamber, and, yesterday, the public were able to see and hear Bob in action on their TV screens.

Spink has been promoting his PMQ spots heavily on his website this year, seemingly after the Echo reported that he was to challenge David Cameron to a debate in Castle Point (under the chairmanship of a local newspaper editor).

As with most things Spink, the story consisted purely of hot air. Indeed, judging by his subsequent press releases, it seems that Bob never actually raised the matter with Cameron – and the National Press, quite rightly, ignored it.

But challenging the main party leaders was a theme that Bob pressed ahead with. In another release Bob had this to say:-

Straight talking, Independent MP Bob Spink will again face Gordon Brown in the House of Commons on Wednesday this week at Prime Minister’s Questions. Bob, officially the most active MP, has faced the Prime Minister many times recently. Bob says:

"I will put to Gordon that serving the people is more important than serving a political party and ask him if he will come to Castle Point during the election to answer important questions like:

  • Improving the state pension and respect for pensioners
  • Our local NHS hospitals, dentists and primary care trust
  • Protecting our greenbelt and flood plains
  • Canvey Island’s new road which local Tories are blocking
  • Removing politics from Local Government and passing power back to each Castle Point community to make their own decisions”

You may recall that David Cameron bottled-out of a similar meeting with Bob last month.

Bob is on the order paper, but it is up to Tory Speaker Bercow whether he gets to and calls Bob of course!

Well, as it happens, Bercow did not call Spink. But Bob was about to get another chance. Later, Bob released this:-

Bob will again question the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, at this important time on national TV.

What should Bob put to him?

Yet again Independent MP Bob Spink has won the right to question and hold to account the Government at the highest level at Prime Minister’s Questions this Wednesday at 12 noon.

Most MPs only question the Prime Minister once every few years. Bob will have done this 7 times in the last year alone. This proves that hard work pays off and increases influence; but that is, after all, just common sense.

Bob says:

"I am keen to hear what local people want me to press the Prime Minister on this week.

"This may be the last opportunity Parliament has to question the PM before the election, so it has to be relevant, both locally and nationally."

email is best spinkr@parliament.uk

Apparently Bob had rejected the idea of challenging the PM to a Castle Point debate, and was now, as so often, completely devoid of ideas.

Yesterday, the Speaker did call upon Spink at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs). So, like all other responsible residents, I left what I was doing at the time and glued myself to the nearest TV to hear our representative speak…

If the Prime Minister finds himself in Essex during April, as I suspect he might, will he kindly drop in on Castle Point to meet the wonderful people at Age Concern? They will thank him for deciding to re-index the basic state pension to earnings, but will he get on and do that quickly?

Thank him, Bob? Thank him?..

How uninformed can you be?

The Government is about to freeze vital top-ups to the basic State pension after quietly dropping a pledge to increase them in line with inflation every year.

Around ten million pensioners relying on deferred pensions (known as the ‘extra’ pension – Serps, graduated, and the second state pension) will miss out on their usual annual rises.

As you said, Bob: the question had to be ‘relevant, both locally and nationally.’

Thank you, Bob Bandwagon Spink, for representing your constituents so forcibly, and holding the Prime Minister to account.

Your involuntary? wink, as you sat down, said it all…


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  1. We have no alternative other than voting for Bob Spink in Castlepoint. Labour and Conservatives are to wrapped up in the EU to care about the English electorate and the silly woman Rebecca whatserface’ one of MC Camerons bints’ really hasn’t got a clue about the local values or English identity and is led by the nose from party hq. We are far better off with independents than large party MP’s who represent their party before considering the needs of the electorate.

    Cameron has more Scottish blood than English and puts Scotland first, which he has openly stated in public. A vote for teh Conservative is a vote for an idiot female that has no interest in anything othert than her own stature and following Mc Camerons instructions.

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