Silly Season Is Here

Anne Wood

I WILL NOW BE ACCUSED by the Canvey Island Independence Party (CIIP) of plagiarism and infringing their copyright by ‘stealing’ one of their blog’s post titles.

As it happens, Silly Season Is Here was the title given to that blog’s very first post, and its prophecy proved correct. While other political blogs concentrate upon party policies and where they differ with those of their opponents, the five posts, which the CIIP have managed so far, are a mixture of incestuous self congratulation; meaningless back slapping; and re-works of protest pieces published by the Echo in response to Bob Spink’s re-election machine.

There is not one word about policy or their vision of the future.

In their first post on March 18th, Neville Watson takes pride in the island’s Armed Forces Parade of last year – and the attendance of our MP, Bob Spink. They missed the opportunity of incorporating a picture of the Union Flag – but perhaps Neville bottled-out of presenting that particular link, given that the party has chosen to present its words on an ominous black background.

Shiny, black, knee-high boots, glittering in the midday sun, would serve as complementary art-work; but the party chose not to use that particular picture either.

The statements are the same though. Winston Churchill gets a mention in Neville’s piece (exactly the same tactics as Spink) and the rhetoric is all about ‘democratic’ opposition disguising a deep hatred of the majority Tory view in the borough and a willingness to mobilise resident protest towards another ‘Night of the long knives.’

The CIIP's thread

Residents, it appears, have decided to withhold their comments. Apart, that is, for one ‘canveylassforever’ who appears on the party’s third post, entitled ‘Fantastic Projects,’ which simply said:-

Thanks to all the Councillors who have helped with these projects over the weekend.

It’s been a very busy few days and it’s great to get a couple of new items simmering in the project pot. Knowing how much the residents appreciate our hard work and determination makes it all the worth while. Great Team Work

Canveylassforever wrote:-

What are these projects?!

i have just posted on the message board the same thing as i will post here. Why arent we told whats going on?

I can see this blog is here, but why wont you tell us what the “projects” are?
Is this something the public cant know yet?



In the trade, such plants are known as ‘draws;’ inserted to draw readers into future ‘bulletins’ where all will be revealed.

‘Plant?’ I hear the party retort. ‘What “plant?”’

Why, canveylassforever, of course.

Anne Wood replies:-

Sorry canveylass i have been off line as I have been ill with chest infection. We will be issuing full details of our projects in the near future.

And guess who replies to Anne Wood?

It was not canveylassforever – the screen name the enquirer had posted under. It was: canveylass (the other screen name that, it seems, Anne Wood had erroneously created when constructing the bogus thread).

Was that a specific facility, which you asked to be especially included in your blog’s design, Anne?.

You cannot do that type of thing on a WordPress blog – in the same way that you cannot influence your own blog’s stats.

No wonder you chose to spend all that money on a bespoke design!

It seems that you and your party leader have a lot in common when it comes to intentionally misleading your constituents…

… And about that copyright issue: there is no copyright in titles, Anne. (Sorry about that).

… (30/03/2010) – CIIP Site Hacked By 1923Turk Grup

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  1. Hi Ted.
    Thanks for putting our Deputy Leader on your site i don’t have a problem with this and Ann Wood should not , but lets make something clear i have never bottled out of anything in my life, so i feel that was below the belt but i am man enough to take anything you want to throw at me i promise you.
    Its no good blaming the Canvey Independent Party for the conservatives poor ratings both local and National is it? you must understand the Cabinet at Castle Point Council are doing the damage to Rebecca Harris reference her own words on her web site, Nationally the Conservatives should be well ahead so what is going so wrong? well that’s easy they went to the centre ground, so did Tony Blair but Ted what’s the point of the Conservatives doing it they should be going further right surly the Conservatives must return to old values.

    They still have time but my god what does it take for them to understand? but no! ticking the right boxes in the Council is all that matters since when did local politics reign over National politics? is Castle Point Conservatives bigger than the 1922 committee you tell me Ted?

    Best Regards Neville.

    • Nice try Neville but what the hell has the conservatives got to do with this post?

      i said this once to your party leader: THE RULE HERE IS KEEP ON TOPIC!

      Don’t try and manipulate the thread!

      • Hi Cynical.
        I do believe you are getting a little frustrated am i right? it was good debate you wanted its not a one way street here.

        Regards Neville.

  2. Oh and Ted .
    No copy right to anything reference silly season please feel free to use it i told you we all have to be grown up.

    Best Regards Neville.

  3. Well spotted Ted!

    I am just waiting for ‘Mikek’ who joined the message board last night to publish his comments about the ‘Tory leaflet’ he had through his door.

    Perhaps if they bothered to knock on a few doors themselves they could get genuine visitors to the web-site?

    • Yeah – good luck with that Colin.

      Snowballs, chances and hell come to mind

  4. Morning Colin.
    Colin i could just has easy expose your anonymous writers if you want to go that way but you must understand we do knock on doors you are thousands behind me i can assure you, are you honest when you go banging on someone’s doors? I have asked James Parkin these questions that he as never given an answer.
    And now i am asking you did you agree with the Cabinets decision to demolish the sea pool yes or no?

    When i try to engage you on this issue you wont give me an answer did you agree with thousands of homes being built on Canvey Island with no infrastructure to support them ? as the election starts these are two questions you will be asked,

    Now you accused Ann Wood of not adding to debate on your web site now its your turn to engage with me on these two important issues.

    Hope my mail finds you well.

    Regards Neville.

    • This is truly not worthy of you, Neville; but it is consistent with your party’s policy of misrepresenting the facts.

      It is true that the Tory cabinet voted to close the Concord pool; it is true that your leader, Dave Blackwell ‘called-in’ that decision. (You and your party constantly criticise the officer-led council; but residents will find it interesting that Dave Blackwell, as opposition leader, nonetheless had that ability).

      Now you ask Colin if he agrees with the cabinet’s decision to close the pool; but what you fail to mention is the fact that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, chaired by Blackwell, also agreed with the cabinet’s decision to close it.

      Quoting directly from the protesters’ Website ( ‘Onlookers from the public gallery were dismayed at how cursory the scrutiny had seemed, and disappointed that every answer was simply accepted.’

      Dave Blackwell, it should be pointed out, did not even consider the matter of sufficient interest to turn-up and chair the meeting. He delegated that responsibility to Martin Tucker.

      So what happened to the ‘strong opposition,’ which your party proclaims as its (only) policy, when it mattered? Is not the truth that your party saw more votes in ensuring the Conservatives did close the pool, rather than representing your constituents’ wishes and influencing the majority’s decision?..

      And before Colin answers, I feel duty bound to point-out the other fact that you fail to mention regarding ‘thousands of homes being built on Canvey Island.’

      In the words of Godfrey Isaacs, when discussing the Council’s Core Strategy for the borough ( ‘How many CIIP members took the time to attend SPDG [Special Policy Development Group] meetings?’

      Is it not the case that your party is not concerned with residents’ wishes, Neville; but interested only in its own hold on power? And is it not the case that, like all far-wing parties, your constant attacks on the democratic majority of this borough are no more than a means of disguising your own lack of vision and policies for this island, its borough, and its residents?

      The public have a right to know…

      • Hi Ted.
        Wrong again i am afraid so i will help you again The conservative majority on scrutiny voted to shut the pool, two canvey Independents voted no and one out and out Independent voted no so the Conservatives voted to close it with there usual majority.

        Second the Scrutiny committee enquiry is not a debate therefore you state the facts and that’s all, no debate can take place, Dave Blackwell was abroad on business so could not attend.

        But none of this would of happened if the Conservative Cabinet had not voted yes to closing the pool would it?

        Regards Neville.

        • Hi Ted.
          Yes i have many visions Ted and to build thousands of houses and close a children’s seaside pool on Canvey are not in my vision.

          Regards Neville.

        • It really irks you doesn;t it Neville that your party does not have a majority? Thats all we hear from the CIIP – the big bad tories have a majority and there is nothing we can do.

          Grow up and accept that the voters opinion is final.

          Your party is incapable of engaging in civilised debate or representing its voters. It is like a spoilt child, refusing to play a game because his arch enemy is more popular than himself.

          What angers me most is not that I was stupid enough to vote for you last time round, I and others here will be insulted by your constant refusal to answer questions that Ted and I have put to you.

          You retreat into your CIIP camp and rehash the same tired positions. It is all the Tories fault.

          You partys aim is separation from the mainland, as Ted has correctly identified. And the only thing you and your colleagues are interested in is that – to ensure that it can beocome king of the hill – no matter what that means to democracy.

          My family fought in the Spanish Civil war and two world wars to ensure your type could have no foothold in this country.

          Your contributions here serve only to confirm what your true politics are………………………………………………………….

      • Hi Ted.
        If we were not a strong opposition why have the Conservatives not won a seat on Canvey for how many years?

        Regards Neville.

        • You have a short memory Neville. In 2009 Ray Howard won a seat for Conservatives in the County Council elections. I seem to remember that your party did not win any seats. So in terms of recent election history, the Conservatives are more successful than you. However, I’m sure that your party propaganda machine will not let facts stand in the way of a good soundbite.

          • Hi Jeff.
            Yes Ray Howard did win but look at his majority against Peter May 295 hardly an endorsement to shout about but look how big Ray Howard s majority fell.
            That seat is there for the taking by any party next time.

            Hope you are well.

            Regards Neville.

  5. Hi Ted.
    After doing a check on two new members of our blog Canveylass and mikie are both residents i am afraid who are entitled to say what they want, oh dear!

    Regards Neville.

    • Yawn……………………………

      I think readers have sufficient intelligence to interpret the facts for themselves.

  6. Hi Cynical.
    How well do you know Switzerland ?
    Regards Neville.

    [Ted Pugh: ???]

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