Any Further Abuse And You’re Off!

Neville Watson: 'same old insults'

THE CANVEY ISLAND INDEPENDENCE PARTY, it seems, is determined to rewrite English dictionaries, along with denying the right to free-speech for residents to air their opinions in their blog’s comment sections. Indeed, it appears that all comments are unwelcome in that area, and that only ‘questions’ are allowed.    

At the Full Council Meeting on 30 March, two motions, raised by CIIP councillors, were the subject of the post: ‘Full Council Meeting.’ on the latter’s blog. To his credit, the author, Neville Watson, did provide a link to the Council’s Webcast; but his article was heavily spun. Once again the theme was ‘big bad Tories are to blame for an ineffectual CIIP.’    

Viewers of the Webcast are likely to find themselves wondering why the two motions were ever brought.    

Lee Barrett’s motion was a simple attempt to pre-empt the Special Development Group’s considerations regarding Canvey Town Centre regeneration and the Council’s decision to upgrade the Paddocks. His motion regarded establishing a permanent Youth Centre in the facility; but his ‘idea’ was devoid of any detailed suggestions as to how this might be accomplished – or any assessment of costs.    

Councillor Beverley Egan introduced an amendment that would ensure the Paddocks would provide inter-generational facilities for all residents; but Barrett, for some reason, would not accept it. His motion had been for ‘part of the Paddocks’ to be developed for a Youth Centre – so where was the problem with Egan’s re-wording to ensure that other members of the community were not disadvantaged?    

Here is how Watson ‘explained’ matters in his post:-    

Councillor Lee Barrett’s passion for our young people was shown in his motion. He wanted the old bar at the Paddocks Centre to be converted into a youth centre. The speech he gave was a shining example of why our party wanted more young councillors. The young speaking for the young. All Canvey Island Independent Party councillors voted in favour of the motion. The Conservative councillors put in an ammendment[sic] and then voted it down. I do feel this was another lost opportunity for our young people but we won’t give up, I promise you.    

Incidentally, Barrett’s motion did not mention ‘the old bar.’    

KRAKEN (you have been reading too much Homer) obviously felt duty bound to respond to Neville’s spin. Commenting on the post, he (?) says:-    

Just what did you want to achieve?. I’ll tell you absolutely nothing, which is all the Canvey Islands Idiots party ever does achieve.    

The amendment was to include Paddocks for all members of the public and that includes the youth in the town centre, but as usual all you did was to try and make cheap meaningless points, making yourselves look very silly.    

KRAKEN makes a valid last point. In his objection to Egan’s amendment, David Blackwell confessed to knowing nothing of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, whom he dismissed as ‘some type of quango.’    

KRAKEN’s comments were met with allegations of ‘abuse’ by Neville Watson. Here is what he had to say:-    

your same old insults we use a green yellow and red card system on this site you are now given a yellow, any further abuse and your off my friend if you cannot find one sensible question.    

How ever i now challenge you to a public debate at my expense do you have the bottle to take me on? the only thing guaranteed is you will lose i can see you are not technical or political aware want the challenge? any place any time what about the Conservative club where you will feel more comfortable just let me know please don’t leave it to long.    

Regards Neville    

So much for an ‘open and honest’ Website dedicated to open and honest political debate.    

Anne Wood also felt she should put forward a motion at the Full Council Meeting. Hers regarded Kismet Park and the fact that the Council had revised its budget through only having to provide under-nine playground facilities, in the wake of the Adizone project, to just £20,000 from the original figure of £80,000 required to accommodate all ages.    

Wood wanted the budget re-instating; but, like Barrett, provided no details why. The majority could not understand her motion, or why she wanted an extra £60,000. As a consequence it was rejected.    

Here is how Neville spun the situation to lay the blame on the big, bad, Tories:-    

Councillor Anne Wood put forward a good, sound motion asking the council to reinstate the funding that was cut from £80,000 to just £20,000 for new equipment at Kismet Park. Her argument was that the residents wanted a children’s playing park, not an Adizone gym. She explained that there was no communication with the residents over the introduction of the gym who felt it would attract anti-social behaviour. Anne’s blog post better explains the situation. Again, the Canvey Island Independent Party all voted with Councillor Anne Wood but the Conservatives voted it down.    

Wood’s motion made no mention of the Adizone Gym.    

Watson is keen to spin against the Council’s majority, whenever he has the chance. And, when he does not have that ability, he resorts to conspiracy theories. Commenting on the same post, onetrueblue asks:-    

Two questions for you Neville.    

Will we get to see a copy of this letter being sent to Wootton Bassett?    

What were Councillor Barrett’s exact plans for the paddocks?
There must be a good reason why this was ‘voted down’.    

(A motion to send a letter of support to the Council of Wootton Basset, moved by Neville’s wife, had been accepted).    

And this is how Watson decided to provide ‘answers’ to his guest’s questions:-    

Hi Onetrueblue.
well at least you have the bottle to make clear who you are thanks for that question 1    

I don’t know if we will see a letter good question i have contacts at wootton Basset i lived close by when i was in the Army and visit there on a regular basis so i promise you i will know.    

Reference Lee Barrets question the council as other plans that is clear its called sitting tenants if you get my drift no tenants no problem, maybe they would like a nice supermarket called Tescos perhaps, what we do know is there is something wrong dont we?.    

May be a letter to the Council but i would not hold your breath my friend some good questions please visit again    

Regards Neville.    

Neville Watson, as we all know, has a serious problem when it comes to answering questions. It could be argued to be a case of serious, serial, abuse.    

So what is blog abuse, Neville? Is it disagreeing with a poster’s view? Is it choosing to ‘agree’ with your own comments? Or is it an organised attempt to manipulate a blog’s comment gradings by continually retrieving certain posts and voting, again, and again – until the overall opinion reflects your views?    

Maybe I should be giving you, and your party, a ‘yellow card…’    

… (Ted Pugh, 02/04/2010) – OK, I Hold My Hands Up

2 Responses

  1. Hi Ted.
    It’s funny, I thought it was the Mud Methane and Memories blog that did not allow an opinion. We let all comments on our blog if they are not abusive but constructive to debate.

    You stated that we are always knocking the big bad Conservatives, but Ted they are making the decisions surely you agree with that atleast?
    If the cabinet make unpopular decisions that some how always affect Canvey Island then they have themselves to blame don’t they?

    At the end of the day Ted, to ignore and not recognise the need for a youth centre will leave more kids wandering the streets bored.

    You mention the blogger Kracken, I don’t have a problem with him or her but if they call me an idiot i do. But, he would have to do worse than that to be banned from the blog. It’s funny, they do like Switzerland, any ideas there Ted?
    You must remember Ted, that both you and I are, or have people who are I.T sound, would you agree?

    Each time you personally attack me the tories lose votes. The People of Canvey are very aware residents when it comes to voting. I think the Tory campaign has been poor to say the least, falling over themselves with unsound decision making and unpopular policies, why?

    The Tory Councillor Bill Dick said in the chamber that they voted yes to the Core Strategy with a heavy heart. That’s no reason to vote for it. When other Tory councillors across the Country voted it down, we must agree there surely .

    That’s easily explained. If you can leave a sound Councillor like Bill Sharpe on the back benches, that’s a sign when things are going wrong. After all, I have no hesitation to say that he is a very talented councillor, so why is he not on the Cabinet?
    Easy, he is like me – not frightened to disagree even sometimes on our own party’s policies if necessary. All political parties have opposition in their own ranks, but with no Bill Sharp to watch the Cabinet they push through very unpopular policies.

    But, in a few short weeks the people will decide who they will trust out of many different candidates and I, for one, will trust their sound voting whatever they decide.

    Regards Neville.

  2. Hi Again Ted.
    In an open reply to Kracken thank you for your nice comments about me good or bad he or she can say what they like, agree or disagree that’s fine but no personal abuse please.

    Regards Neville.

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