Methane Mud & Memories: What Happened To Your ‘Anne Wood’ Post?

The correspondence between Colin MacLean and Anne Wood

THE POST entitled Independents are our most avid readers, concerning Anne Wood and another party, called Christine, who Colin MacLean noted were leaving comments on his blog from the same IP address, has mysteriously disappeared from the Methane, Mud & Memories blog site tonight.

Such disappearances are often the first sign of a publisher being served a Libel injunction.

Neville Watson, himself apparently an avid reader of this blog, has been asked if he has any knowledge of the matter; but, at the time of writing, remains silent.

Colin MacLean has also been emailed (but he may be unable to reply).

More information as it becomes available…

… Colin MacLean has now responded. He explained that he was concerned that Anne Wood and the Canvey Island Independent Party would portray himself and James Parkin as ‘bullying,’ so he decided to voluntarily remove the post concerned.

The correspondence between Anne Wood and himself, which led to his decision, can be seen via the inset image. It is a salutary insight into CIIP and far-wing venom, which is always accompanied by allegations of being a liar (and often a legal writ that, fortunately, was not the case this time).

In this case, one is tempted to ask, just who the liar is…

… (06/04/2010) – Readers will note that the inset .jpg, detailing the conversation between Colin and Anne Wood, has now been redacted to remove the personal email addresses of Anne Wood, Neville Watson and Martin Tucker. This was at the request of Colin MacLean, which, I understand, is in response to further harassment from Anne Wood.

Contact details for Cllrs: Wood, Watson and Tucker, are all available via the Castle Point Borough Council’s Website, here.

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  1. Are you aware that publishing email addresses or email chatter without consent is illegal?

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