Cllr Neville Watson (CIIP) Blocked From Commenting


AT THE REQUEST OF READERS, Canvey Island Independent Party borough councillor for the Winter Gardens ward, Neville Watson, has been blocked from commenting on all Canvey Beat posts.

In a final gesture, Watson had this to say:-

Hi Ted.

Oh dear blocking the person most people want to read strange but by what authority does Cynical Observer write this article? now we know he as rank don’t we, what a blunder this was your first big mistake, so who is this blogger Ted?.

If you want to ban me so be it just Because you have someone that disagrees with you its called an opposition! that’s long been the problem you cannot handle an opposition.

But if you want a blog that sits talking to one and other then carry on but one thing i know i feel my case here is won so i will say goodbye apart from all this i have enjoyed writing on here,its been both interesting but i guess you will have to deal with falling readership.

Regards Neville

His comment was reported as spam and removed – as will any further contribution, by him, to the readers’ forum.

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