Election Fever Begins In England

(BBC) – ELECTIONEERING HAS BEGUN IN ENGLAND after the prime minister announced the UK will go the polls on 6 May.

Gordon Brown drove to Buckingham Palace earlier to ask the Queen for a dissolution of Parliament.

Party leaders will head to marginal seats across the country to begin campaigning in earnest ahead of the general election.

Labour are behind in the polls, but the Tories will need an unusually large swing to win an outright majority.


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  1. We are about to enter a three year phase of political and civil unrest, strikes, recession and global confrontation. Conservatives will never gain a majority while led by Mc Cameron as they are as treacherous as Labour towards the electorate and English people under his direction.

    [MOD: https://canveybeat.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/how-the-politics-of-hate-are-set-to-derail-local-elections-this-year/%5D

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