Seats Targeted In Essex Marginals

(BBC) – THE GENERAL ELECTION will see some hard fought contests in the 18 Essex constituencies which include key target seats such as Harlow and Chelmsford.

If the Conservatives achieve a 0.3% swing they could take Harlow and unseat Labour MP and minister Bill Rammell.

The Tory seat of Chelmsford is being targeted by the Lib Dems with a 4.6% swing needed to win the seat.

Labour are targeting Basildon and Billericay (5.6% swing needed) and Harwich and Essex North (5.9% swing).

A 1.1% swing would see the Conservatives take the Basildon South and Thurrock East, seat of Labour minister Angela Smith MP.

Essex gets one new seat in the General Election – Witham – which takes in part of the old Braintree, Maldon and East Chelmsford, Colchester and North Essex seats.

This is a large rural seat with few urban areas. The main town of Witham saw the building of several Greater London Council overspill estates in the 1960s and 1970s and there is still a reliable Labour vote.

Elsewhere the constituency is rural and strongly Conservative.

The seat has a notional Tory majority of 16% and could see the election of the first female Asian MP, Conservative candidate Priti Patel.

Another seat attracting attention of voter and political punter alike is Castle Point.

Its Tory MP, Bob Spink, who crossed the floor and deserted the Conservative Party ranks in 2008.

He disputes that he joined the UK Independence Party for part of that year before sitting in Westminster as an Independent MP.

This election is the first test of whether a personal vote will return him in what is a Conservative seat.

Candidates so far announced include:

  • Basildon and Billericay: Conservative: John Baron; Labour: Allan Davies; Lib Dem: Mike Hibbs; UKIP: Alan Broad; BNP: Irene Bateman
  • South Basildon and East Thurrock: Conservative: Stephen Metcalfe; Labour: Angela Smith; Lib Dem: Geoff Williams; UK Independence Party: Kerry Smith; BNP: Chris Roberts
  • Braintree: Conservative: Brooks Newmark; Labour: Bill Edwards; Lib Dem: Steve Jarvis; UK Independence Party: Michael Ford
  • Brentwood and Ongar: Conservative: Eric Pickles; Labour: Heidi Benzing; Lib Dem: David Kendall; English Democrats: Robin Tilbrook; UK Independence Party: Stuart Gulleford; BNP: Paul Morris
  • Castle Point: Conservative: Rebecca Harris; Labour: Julian Ware-Lane; Lib Dem: Brendan D’Cruz; BNP: Phil Howard
  • Chelmsford: Conservative: Simon Burns; Labour: Peter Dixon; Lib Dem: Stephen Robinson; UK Independence Party: Ken Wedon; BNP: Michael Bateman
  • Clacton: Conservative: Douglas Carswell; Labour: Ivan Henderson; Lib Dem: Michael Green; Green: Chris Southall; BNP: James Taylor
  • Colchester: Conservative: Will Quince; Labour: Jordan Newell; Lib Dem: Bob Russell; English Democrats: Eddie Bone; Green: Peter Lynn; UK Independence Party: John Pitts; BNP: Sid Cheney
  • Epping Forest: Conservative: Eleanor Laing; Labour: Bill Turner Katie Curtis [Thanks, Julian]; Lib Dem: Ann Haigh; Green: Simon Pepper; UK Independence Party: Andrew Smith; BNP: Pat Richardson
  • Harlow: Conservative: Robert Halfon; Labour: Bill Rammell; Lib Dem: David White; UK Independence Party: John Croft; BNP: Eddy Butler
  • Harwich and North East Essex: Conservative: Bernard Jenkin; Labour: Darren Barrenger; Lib Dem: James Raven; Green: Chris Fox; UK Independence Party: Simon Anselmi; BNP: Steve Robey
  • Maldon: Conservative: John Whittingdale; Labour: Danny Nandanwar; UK Independence Party: Jesse Pryke; BNP: Len Blaine
  • Rayleigh and Wickford: Conservative: Mark Francois; Labour: Mike Le Surf; English Democrats: John Hayter; BNP: Tony Evenett
  • Rochford and Southend East: Conservative: James Duddridge; Labour: Kevin Bonavia; Lib Dem: Graham Longley; UK Independence Party: James Moyies; BNP: Geoff Strobridge
  • Saffron Waldon: Conservative: Alan Haselhurst; Labour: Barbara Light; Lib Dem: Peter Wilcock; Green: Karmel Stannard; UK Independence Party: Roger Lord; BNP: Chrissie Mitchell
  • Southend West: Conservative: David Amess; Labour: Thomas Flynn; Lib Dem: Peter Welch; English Democrats: Terry Phillips; UK Independence Party: Garry Cockrill
  • Thurrock: Conservative: Jackie Doyle-Price; Labour: Carl Morris; Lib Dem: Carys Davis; UK Independence Party: Clive Broad; BNP: Emma Colgate
  • Witham: Candidates: Conservative: Priti Patel; Labour: John Spademan; Lib Dem: Margaret Phelps; Green: James Abbott; UK Independence Party: David Hodges.

6 Responses

  1. No Dr Spink in Castle Point?

    • He has yet to declare, Julian.

      Presumably, he is trying to decide which party to adopt.

    • Probably trying to decide whether to just take the money or go for another 5 years of taxpayer funded expenses.

      Probably busy on his calcualtor right now.

      What do you say Bill Baker?

  2. The Epping Forest Labour candidate is Katie Curtis.

  3. I would not worry to much about Dr Spink. he will be in the running and well supported by many locals on the campaign run up to May the 6th


  4. I say wait and see really. Anyone who votes Conservative or Labour in the coming election really are blinkered and will see us regionalised and dictated to from the EU. Sharia law is being accepted by both the Conservatives and Labour party as a second tier civil law system in this country and people like Rebecca Harris find this acceptable. With the rise of English Nationalism I dont think any government voted in the next elections is going to have an easy ride without a vast majority to fight the Marxist led union strikes, street protests against by UAF and extremist thugs(Who Mc Cameron is a signatory to) or a predicted further three years of recession at least because no one has a plan in place to control the budget deficit. Local issues are far more important than national ones at present which is why an Independent candidate such as Bob Spink is needed.

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