Will He? Won’t He?.. Will He? Won’t He?..

BOB SPINK, our local MP, has until 4:00pm on the 20th April to declare himself for re-election; but the ‘short campaign’ begins on April 13th.

Perhaps his reticence to commit himself to another election reflects the fact that some of his strategy’s components still need putting in place.

Rumour has it that Lee Scarisrooke, Bob’s Independent Save Our Green Belt Party (ISOGBP) candidate for Castle Point’s Victoria Ward, has withdrawn ‘through ill-health’ – and that the petition for an elected Mayor is still some way off from achieving its required number of signatures.

It is understood that Bob was hoping to be around to present the Mayoral petition to parliament – and to quickly find a replacement for Scarisrooke; but time is working against him.

Will Bob declare himself as an independent candidate? Will he declare himself under the ISOGBP leader’s banner? Or will he take the money and run?

Bob’s supporters; the Canvey Island Independence Party; and the ISOGBP anxiously await his decision. But Bob is saying nothing.

Even Bill Baker is remaining quiet

… (09/04/2010) – ‘Very democratic Pugsie’


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  1. Why say anything when we can laugh at your hysteria and ridiculous comments. Those of us who are supporting Bob realise and support his campaign strategy!

    [MOD: https://canveybeat.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/how-the-politics-of-hate-are-set-to-derail-local-elections-this-year/%5D

  2. I feel confident that Spink will stand as an independent and leave his green belt protectionists to fight their own battle .
    Or why would he have appointed two different agents
    Yeomans and Boland
    He said when he was dumped by the Tories that he was elected as Bob Spink not as a Tory. Any politician with an ego that big could not give up that easily. I just cannot wait for the 7th May to say goodbye,and finally stop apologising to the people of Castle Point for masterminding his selection and election back then!

  3. I just have a feeling Spink will lose his deposit.

  4. Would be good If Pugh could actually get his facts right for a change instead of ranting on with the socialist drivel he is now becoming known for, although on a very limited IT circuit. His claim that ‘several people asked him to create this blog is really a touch of his egotistical fantasy where he still believes he is actually a qualified and recognised journalist. Other than his drivel here no one sees very much of his other journalism as either it is non existent or of such poor quality that it creates little following. keep trying Pugh, but to the majority you will always be insignificant, like the socialist and anti English bile you promote.

    [MOD: https://canveybeat.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/how-the-politics-of-hate-are-set-to-derail-local-elections-this-year/%5D???

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