‘Very democratic Pugsie’

MY THANKS go to Bill Baker – and ‘Bill Baker’ – for supplying the entertainment on this blog during the last 36 hours.

It began with ‘Bill Baker’ being greeted by Cynical Observer; and opened with a drum roll from Bill Baker announcing an imminent speech from his leader – but the latter failed to fully find his voice. Asked whether he intended to stand in the forthcoming election or not, ‘Bill Baker’ failed to reply – and the management were forced to call upon the services of a local comedian to heal the hiatus.

But ‘Bill Baker’ was apparently not to return. He did not find the comedian’s act anything to laugh about; so, after a quick change of clothes, suggested by the comedian’s performance, Bill Baker made ‘Bill Baker’s’ speech for him. Or so it appeared.

It ended at 03:29 this morning, when most of the audience had given-up trying to discover where Bill Baker would appear next – and, instead, had gone to bed.

I make light of a serious abuse of this blog and its readers from the Bill Baker twins, and I apologise; but It was not until I had gathered sufficient evidence for readers to actually see the nest of rodents that are gnawing at Democracy’s roots in our borough that I finally decided to pull the plug earlier this morning. (This blog is now treating comments from both those parties as spam).

Throughout the twins contributions, they shared the same IP address – confirming their close relationship – and the content of their comments confirm their true political views as being on the far right of the British National Party. The position traditionally taken by those with no policies or agenda other than serving themselves.

It is not my intention to repeat any of the twins’ ‘comments’ in this piece. They stand where they are as evidence of both being unwilling to confront residents directly – just as the CIIP leader, Dave Blackwell has done on these posts. Rather than introducing themselves on a leading piece and engaging readers, they resort to posting spurious comments throughout this blog’s archive – where they know most readers are unlikely to be present.

Democracy is a wonderful thing. It allows total scum-bags to have their say so that voters can judge them for what they really are.

When I first started this blog, just over a year ago, Cynical Observer (and less polite readers) were calling me a Tory. Last  night, Bill Baker accused me of being a Marxist.

In my time I have supported both – and will probably do so again.

And for those who wish to know from where my allegiance has never wandered, I now raise its flag. A flag that is dedicated to Democracy; exposing the Truth; and ensuring fair play.

The Baker Twins’ comments have allowed me to fulfil those objectives tonight, without providing any assistance…

Use both your votes wisely on May 6th…


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  1. I think as I have understood it you are suggesting tha Bob Spink and Bill Baker are using the same IP address ?.. Probably not illegal Ted ? but good old Bob will make friend s with anyone if it gives him a vote and allows him to keep his nose in the trough.

    cant wait for the seventh of May if only to ensure that picture of George Formby is removed from your Blog.

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