Spink Launches Leaflet Campaign

AFTER ABUSING THIS BLOG in the shape of his biggest supporter and local campaign assistant, Bill Baker, our local MP has at last confirmed that Canvey Island’s separation from Castle Point is at the fore of his personal agenda.

His strategy, first revealed on this blog, is to split the borough into two political ghettos and install himself, effectively, as ‘King of the Hill’ in both national and local politics.

On the mainland he will control the Independent Save Our Green Belt Party (ISOGBP) and, on the island, he will control the Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP) – as he does now.

The ambition of the man has no bounds; but his motive is clear for all to see. It is to wreck Conservative and Labour representation in the borough to create a Bob Spink State.

He successfully seduced Labour candidates away from their democratic party on the island to present nothing but implacable opposition to the borough’s elected majority and fuel public protest against the Conservatives. He replaced the Labour Party, which he could not control, with his own CIIP – and he even ensured the creation of an Island Town Council as a reward for his protégés support.

Each CIIP councillor has cause to celebrate Bob Spink as the reason they now enjoy taxpayer bestowed funds and privileges – and they now look to their leader to cement their civic positions for the future and to increase their annual rewards via power in the council chamber.

Neither Spink; his CIIP; or his new ISOGBP party have a single policy or vision for this island, the borough or its inhabitants. Their campaigns are not about remedying social problems; generating wealth; caring for the disadvantaged; providing opportunities for our youngsters or improving residents’ lives. Their campaigns are motivated purely through greed and personal aggrandisement – at the expense of those whom they might be elected to serve.

Trying to install an elected Castle Point Mayor, and change the way that local politics has always been conducted in this borough, is just another ploy to create a highly lucrative post for Spink should he lose an election.

This blog stands as a testament to Spink’s personal deceit, his political spin and his lies. Its contents have never been challenged and every fact has been carefully researched and confirmed. And, with his leaflets this week, Bob Spink, himself, now confirms this blog’s speculation over his plans.

The elections on May 6th will be the most important elections that this borough has ever held. The choice facing you will be simple: it will be between Spink and Democracy.

If you value your democratic right to elect a candidate of your choice who will represent your views; work with others to improve this borough’s facilities and create additional opportunities for all its residents: you will reject Spink and his two political parties when you enter the voting booth.

A vote for Spink or any of his cohorts will be to return this borough to a feudal system in which Baron Bob Spink will administer all power and control.

It is your choice this year.

For all our sakes: make sure it is the right one…

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  1. You have called him a liar !! I need to ask you if the lies I know about differ from the ones you know about ….

    • I wouldn’t think so, Bill.

      All those I know about are contained in the Bob Spink archive of this blog (and there are more than enough there to be going on with).

      Did not over-claim any expenses – lie.
      Is a veteran – lie.
      Led the Calor Gas campaign – lie.
      Is a true independent – lie.
      Is Britain’s hardest working MP – lie.
      Was not forced to repay any expenses – lie.
      Is honest – LIE!

      That’s the first half-dozen or so that spring easily to mind – and the rest of his statements, painstakingly documented here, can be shown, at best, to be only half truths.

      What I think sums the man up best is the way he ‘records’ an abstention in the house – he passes through both lobbies! And the ‘truthfulness’ of his statements is best illustrated by his relationship with the UKIP party.

      ‘I never joined UKIP,’ he says. The truth? He accepted a membership card and is therefore lying; but Bob never paid any subscriptions – so is he telling the truth?

      I have never come across a more deceitful politician with such an affinity for political ‘spin.’ He takes that particular skill to a whole new level…

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