BNP Joins UKIP In Providing Spink Parties Their Votes

CASTLE POINT RESIDENTS will be unable to vote for United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) or British National Party (BNP) candidates in the local Borough Council elections on May 6th. Both parties have decided to leave the field clear for Spink’s Independent Save Our Green Belt Party on the mainland – and Spink’s Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP) on the island.

Local nominations closed on the 8th April.

Canvey Island wards are all three horse races between CIIP, Conservative and Labour candidates.

Those standing on the island are as follows (asterisked candidates are seeking re-election):-

Canvey Island Central Ward

  • Daniel Curtis (Labour)
  • *Peter James May (Canvey Island Independent Party)
  • Stewart Topley (Conservative)

Canvey Island East Ward

  • Alan Curtis (Labour)
  • James Lee Parkin (Conservative)
  • John Albert Payne (Canvey Island Independent Party)

Canvey Island North Ward

  • *Nick Harvey (Canvey Island Independent Party)
  • Pat Haunts (Conservative)
  • John Payne (Labour)

Canvey Island South Ward

  • Katie Curtis (Labour)
  • Mark John Howard (Conservative)
  • *Joan Margaret Elizabeth Liddiard (Canvey Island Independent Party)

Canvey Island West Ward

  • Bill Deal (Labour)
  • Jane Elizabeth King (Canvey Island Independent Party)
  • Colin Alan MacLean (Conservative)

Canvey Island Winter Gardens Ward

  • Richard Bender (Conservative)
  • *Peter Greig (Canvey Island Independent Party)
  • Maggie McArthur-Curtis (Labour)

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  1. Didn’t Jane King – West Ward stand as a Conservative councillor?.

    If she gets in will she cross the chamber and rejoin her old mates?.

    • One Mrs Jane King, of 22 Haven Road, represented Canvey Island Central ward as a Conservative in 2003 – along with Dave Blackwell and Terry Blackwell (then both Labour Party members).

      Back then, apart from the two Blackwells, all Council seats were in the hands of the Conservatives.

      • Yes. The 2003 local elections saw a Conservative landslide after Labour’s maladministration and political infighting had Tony Blair’s Labour Government threatening to take over the council and run it from Whitehall.

        That’s when Blackwell got together with Spink and rebranded himself as “independent” and set up the CIIP to hoodwink the electorate at the next local elections.

      • You have to hand it to the CIIP don’t you Ted?

        Who else would take the time to disagree with your statement of fact with absolute proof in the link you provide?

        • No change there, Cynical.

          Spink and his CIIP groupies ALWAYS disagree with the facts.

          This blog is currently getting over 50 unique ‘hits’ a day from the Spink crowd – no longer leaving comments; just modifying opinion in the readers’ forum.

          They obviously think it is going to help their campaigns somehow; but I think readers are a lot more intelligent than that…

  2. Jane King stood for selection as the Conservative candidate for West ward this time but lost the vote.

    Like a lot of the Independent Party she has swopped allegiance from main party politics to protest group in the chase for votes.

    Seems a bit insincere to me?

    • Are you the same Colin MacLean of Lottem Road who joined the Canvey Island Independent Party and attended meetings till you was not selected as a candidate, then stood as a Independent Independent and now a Conservative?
      Make your mind up Colin you are as bad as Bob.
      Incidently Definition of COMMUNITY : Collins English Dictionary = all the people living in one district: group with shared origins or interests: the public society

      I think your Mud site should say POLITICS : Collins English Dictionary = using of power to govern society: person’s beliefs about how a country should be run.

      MUD site seems quite appropiate as thats all you Torys know how to do is sling MUD

  3. I am deeply saddened that Jane has crossed the floor.
    Particularly as this is the second time she has done this
    On both occasions it was when she failed to gain the nomination for West Ward. the last time was when she stood as an independent against Ray Howard and throught her intervention allowed a Labour Cllr to be elected in his stead
    Dave Blackwell failed to be elected as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate and Spink jumped before being pushed form the Tory nomination.
    Now Jane…
    Perhaps the question should be posed why was she not selected ? and why were Blackwell and Spink rejected.???

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