How Many Lies Can You Spot?..

Spink's Yellow Advertiser advert 08/04/2010


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  1. Surely not.

  2. Unlucky for some – I count 13!

    What’s the prize Ted?

  3. I would never argue with Cynical . but on a personal basis I can add 3 more .

    What about a ticket to get into the count as the prize. HA HA

  4. Does political campaigning come under the remit of the Advertising Standards Authority?

  5. Are we going to get a definitive list?

    • Well, I actually thought there were a round dozen, Mac. At least: a dozen that could be proved by just consulting the Bob Spink archive on this blog.

      I hadn’t planned to provide a ‘definitive list’ because it would just be rehashing those old articles. And I do not expect any reader to provide a list either (because of Spink’s litigious nature).

      My main objective here, and in today’s further ‘advert article,’ is to have readers look behind what Spink says and compare it with what is actually known.

      It has been a recurring theme on this blog…

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