The Page That Won’t Go Away – Has Gone Away

REGULAR READERS will note that I have removed the ‘page that will not go away.’ That does not mean that Spink has repaid the expenses he fraudulently claimed – just that I, and many guests – were fed-up having to scroll past it to see the latest posts on this blog.

Spink has been and visited us in disguise – and I do not think the post’s sentiment was lost upon him.

I also want readers to concentrate on the important local issues facing us in the forthcoming election and put the Spink expenses issue in its proper context. If Spink should continue to represent this borough after May 6th, then the page will be back in its vacated position and I will personally conduct a detailed examination of his latest office expenses that parliament has decided not to publish until after the general election.

Parliament has its own ways of showing its contempt for bankrupt MPs, and it is my hope that this borough, and in particular this island, can acknowledge that fact and look forward to a brighter future once the May elections have taken place.

It rarely serves any useful purpose becoming personally embittered by the actions of others.

In the Bob Spink poll, asking: ‘What do you think Bob Spink should do [regarding his fraudulent expenses]?..’

  • 62% said he should be prosecuted and face jail.
  • 24% said he should resign and repay the money.
  • 4% said he should repay the money.
  • 4% said he should do nothing (he is worth it).
  • 3% said he should resign.
  • 1% said he should apologise and not do it again.
  • 2% had other ideas: one said ‘the stocks?’ one said ‘continue’ and another said: ‘Repay the money. Apologise. Do some humiliating dance for all to see on youtube.’
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