Your Voting Intentions – Straw Polls

NOW THAT THE MAIN PARTIES have launched their manifestos (and others decide to say nothing substantial) it is time to conduct a straw poll of local reader opinion.

This evening’s TV debate is likely to influence voters and it will be interesting to see how this blog’s straw poll differs from those results. As readers will know, this blog was set-up as an experiment, and I am keen to discover if its readers’ opinions actually reflect those held locally.

The other thing I hope to find out is just how many individual readers this blog has – so it would help me enormously if all local visitors could please ensure they ‘vote.’

These two polls will close at midnight on Monday – permitting some four days for votes to be cast. I have done this because the blog’s stats suggest that many readers just visit here – to catch-up – once or twice a week.

I will post further polls, next week and the week after, to coincide with the other two TV debates.

Many thanks for your help…

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  1. I don’t think you are going to discover how many local readers you have Ted.

    My wife and son share this machine – but we can only vote once in the poll………………………………………….

    • Sugar!

      You are quite right, Cynical.

      Looks like I will have to rely upon the WordPress stats; but I guess a machine count will give me a ratio to work with.

      Thanks for that…

  2. Well Ted? What do you make of that?

    I’m surprised to see the Conservatives so far ahead

    • Frankly, Cynical, so am I.

      In particular I am surprised at Julian’s and the local Labour party’s showing.

      But I am also interested in those total votes cast in relation to this Blog’s daily stats.

      I was expecting a count close to 100 machines – so, just to be sure, I am going to extend the poll a further day to midnight Monday. (Mondays always show a spike in the daily stats).

      Stable readership seems to be around 250 a day (although it shot-up to near 500 when the CIIP and Spink activists were modifying the readers’ forum). Fortunately. that activity now seems to have stopped after I removed the Blog’s rating facilities.

      As far as readership goes, what we seem to have is a fairly equal split between residents and local decision makers (councillors; officers and local business).

      Political activists will be unlikely to vote in the straw-polls (for fear of influencing them) – so we should have a good representative sample of local resident opinion (as far as this Blog’s readers go).

      The real question is whether that small sample is representative of the constituency’s electorate as a whole.

      The CIIP result comes as no surprise. Their actions in attacking this blog along with Blackwell’s and Watson’s comments were acts of political suicide, and, when Watson raised the issue of island separation from the mainland (and then refused to answer questions) their local support flowed away.

      The Lib Dem results are no doubt closely linked to Nick Clegg’s TV performance – and the BNP, fielding against Spink, provides a proper home for democratic far-right support that our MP has tried to attract. It will be interesting to see if Spink can hold-on to those UKIP votes or whether they, too, will desert to the BNP in the general election.

      In my view the BNP have a good opportunity of attracting the protest vote over MPs’ expenses and Spink’s deceit. Particularly since many islanders have close ties to the East End. They may stand no chance of winning – but they could bloody Spink’s nose.

      The Spink result does surprise me. With all his support from the Echo and the considerable sums he has spent on Yellow Advertiser promotions, I expected far more. But perhaps this is explained by the complete lack of support for his Independent Save Our Green Belt Party. Showing his keen interest in local politics by associating himself with them – and then retaining his ‘independent’ cloak – may have been a step too far for his supporters.

  3. [‘Ron Quinn’ left this on the PollDaddy site, where it is normal to post observations about the poll itself. I repost his comment here – where it is on topic:-]

    what aload of bollocks, this site is rigged shame on you!!!

    Posted by ron quinn on April 19th 2010, 5:24pm

    [The individual has also posted here under the name Rob Burns, and asked Colin MacLean about his history]

    • LOL

      Poor Ted. I really do sympathise for you.

      First you were a Tory, then a Marxist, then you werent a proper journalist and now you rig straw polls on your blog.

      They don’t stop do they?

      Must be really infuriating for them when they can only vote once!


      • But it poses a question, doesn’t it?

        Bob Spink – 7 votes; CIIP – 7 votes…

        Surely they have more machines than that between them?..

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