More Lies And Misrepresentations From Spink

Spink's Yellow Advertiser advert 15/04/2010

BOB SPINK‘S Yellow Advertiser campaign became more desperate yesterday when he published a list of Echo photo opportunities; failed Early Day Motions (EDMs) and local minority petitions, which were all rejected by parliament, as examples of his work for this constituency.

The 36-point list is impressive – particularly since it contains not one single personal achievement in all his parliamentary years; but Bob is careful not to imply that it does. Like his now defunct MP’s Website, he chooses his words carefully and states that this is ‘just a sample of Bob’s work.’

The inference, of course, is that there are many more examples of his successful representation of this borough; but what he is actually saying is that, at some time or other, he has actually voted for some of these positions; raised an EDM, or been quoted as supporting those residents’ campaigns that he mentions. He has never, ever, taken a single one of these issues, garnered national MP support and ensured a successful outcome.

Once again: how many lies can you spot?..

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