Just To Coincide With The Pool Protesters’ Flyer In My Letter-Box…

Today's Yellow Advertiser advert: Spink is an independent again (and heading the Canvey Concord pool protest in the picture)

… (26/04/2010) – The Spink Advert You Will Not See


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  1. You have to say this about Spink – he knows how to co-ordinate a reprehensible campaign.

    He places a piece in the Echo about their Save Our Pool Campaign; hits the yellow advertiser with a cropped picture of himself standing in front of the protesters and has Tom Jea distribute the Concord Pool flyers with his Website’s address promoting CIIP lies on the same day.

    Spink sure does love a theme.

    What are we going to get next week?

    • My bet is it will be housing, Cynical.

      Promoting the lie that the Council introduced its core strategy, not to protect the Green Belt as was the case; but to provide thousands of opportunities for their ‘developer chums’ to get-rich quick building homes in the borough (and especially the island).

      If I were Bill Sharp, I would be briefing my solicitor to keep an eye out for that one; because I do not think Spink will be able to resist lying about his biggest enemy in an effort to destroy his reputation and political career.

      I think Spink will be wary of naming Bill; but I’m sure he will be pushing the idea that the Conservative council is corrupt.

      When I wrote that Akehurst piece I invested a great deal of time and money looking into those accusations and eventually concluded they were complete hogwash. Not only is there no evidence to support Spink’s accusations – nothing that he says can be confirmed. Indeed, if you trace the accusations back to their source, it seems they all emanate from Spink himself.

      When he goes for housing, it will be interesting to see if he finally adopts his Independent Save Our Green Belt Party clothes (or if he still wishes to misrepresent himself to the public as a means of retaining the UKIP vote)…

  2. I just hope the people of Canvey aren’t blinded by these lies. I was reeled in last time and voted for ‘Bandwagon’ Bob Spink and ‘Stop & Save’ Dave Blackwell. Not this time.

    Thank you Ted for opening my eyes to these two fraudsters.

    (by the way, that Aukehurst link isn’t working)

  3. What on Earth is this??!! Doesn’t this blogsite check anything before it puts it online?
    What is this ‘… has Tom Jea distribute the Concord Pool flyers with his Website’s address promoting CIIP lies on the same day.’ stuff?
    I am Tom Jea- Bob Spink has not ‘had me do’ anything. He has offered to help the ‘Protect Our Pool’ campaign by getting his supporters to circulate our leaflet while they are doing his. So has Julian Ware-Lane of Labour! So have the Independents! Perhaps the Conservatives will too.
    Here’s an idea- I am easily contactable, why not check what you write is correct before writing it?

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