The Canvey Beat Is Winding Down

VISITORS TO MY PERSONAL BLOG will have read of my intention to rein back on the amount of time I am currently devoting to the Canvey Beat. I had never intended to be tied-down to posting on a daily basis; but there were only three days in February; two in March; and just one, so far this month, when I have been able to take a whole day off.

It has seemed that every time I had something planned: Spink would publish a misleading press release; the Echo would carry more Spink support; or the Canvey Island Independent Party would make another attempt to hoodwink residents.

Lately those events have multiplied – and producing the Canvey Beat has become more like a full-time job.

I will continue to monitor the local political situation on a daily basis until May 6th; but, after the election, I will be cutting the Canvey Beat’s publication back to just one day a week – setting a deadline, for myself, of midnight Friday for publishing on Saturday morning each week. In other words, the Canvey Beat is destined to become a week-end e-zine.

If there are any ‘specials:’ I will Twitter them for the benefit of readers who have not subscribed to this blog’s RSS feed.

The week-end format will no longer carry local interest articles from the national press (the time I spend selecting them each day does not warrant the number of readers they get). Instead, readers will see that this blog is now carrying the Independent’s political feed – along with the latest UK news from the Guardian and Telegraph – to replace Reuters (whom are apparently considering moving behind a pay-wall).

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