Local Issues Facing The Borough And This Island

THE TACTICS BEING EMPLOYED by Spink and his two independent parties in this election are going to make it difficult for residents to hear the voice of other parties. Spink and his cohorts are committed to obtaining the community’s protest vote against the Conservative led Borough Council – accusing them of not listening to residents; of corruption in their administration; and putting the needs of their ‘developer friends’ above the needs of residents who wish to ensure that no new houses are built on Canvey. In particular, Spink’s campaign will seek to obtain votes from everyone who is opposed to the local Concord pool’s closure.

These gutter tactics are designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to prevent the discussion of local issues, and their solutions, which the other main parties wish to address.

  • Local residents will wish to ask this year’s candidates: how do you propose that we solve this borough’s desperate need for new housing? The Spinks will reply: ‘Vote for us to ensure the integrity of the Green Belt.’
  • Local residents will ask: how do you propose to solve the additional traffic congestion that is likely from a vastly improved Canvey town centre? And the Spinks will reply: ‘We will ensure there is no new building on this island until Canvey gets its third road.’
  • Residents will ask: are you in favour of the Kent/Canvey tunnel option that a straw poll on the Canvey Beat suggests would relieve rush hour congestion on Canvey Way by up to a third? And the Spinks will reply: ‘We favour a new road connected to the already congested A13 – but the Tories are continually blocking it.’
  • Locals will ask: how do you intend to solve anti-social behaviour and eradicate the drug/alcohol problem amongst a minority of youths? The Spinks will reply: ‘We would shut-down the Continuum School and fence off those areas where youths gather.’
  • Candidates will be asked: how will you ensure that options regarding local issues are fully debated and explored in the Council chamber? And the Spinks will reply: ‘By ensuring strong opposition.’

And residents may wish to ask, of all their local candidates, one other question relating to the state of national politics – and in particular the position on this island.

  • All main parties have declared their intention to allow voters the power to sack their MP. Should you gain a seat at the local elections: is it your main aim to amend the Borough’s constitution and provide constituency wards the same powers to sack their elected councillors?

In a constituency that elects its councillors by thirds, the latter question is arguably the most important of this campaign.

Do not permit party representatives to only ask your intentions when they knock on your door. Take the opportunity of making sure they answer those questions which you feel are most important to you.

They are not your superiors. They are asking your permission to act on your behalf, as your representative, and requesting your precious vote.

You will be employing them.

Please use both your crosses wisely this year – and make sure you vote on May 6th…


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  1. Yes. The last question is by far the most important; but I have not heared any of the parties address it – yet.

    The dumb question to ask of Spink and his parties is of course this “How will you vote in the chamber/house?”

    Spink’s parties will reply “Against” and Spink will reply “Both for and against in order to register an abstention”

  2. The CIIP blog is strangely quiet Ted. They haven’t posted anything now for over a week……………………….

    • There are only so many things you can say about my blog!

      It was interesting that on Saturday morning in the High Street they follow the same policy as the blog ie; talking only to themselves!

  3. Now who on earth would vote against that proposal – unless you happened to be a local councillor with a vested interest in keeping your job for a full four years?

    Perhaps if you had kept the poll open longer Ted you would have obtained seven votes against!

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