Now That The TV Debates Are Over: How Do You Intend To Vote?..

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  1. For those following the political straw polls on this blog: the above results, so far, indicate that there has been no change to Conservative or Labour support; but that Spink has successfully attracted the borough’s undecided and protest votes that were originally directed at the BNP and the Lib Dems.

    It is possible that this has something to do with Southend Radio’s ‘husting’ broadcast in which Spink’s lies were not challenged by a friendly audience – and in which he was given verbal support by both the UKIP AND BNP candidates.

    The debate. originally broadcast on 28th April, can be found embedded here:-

    • Spink is such a persuasive liar – he had that audience eating out of his hand.

      I really hope this stawpoll is right and that he stands no chance of winning……………………….

  2. Whatever happened to the debate between myself and Rebecca Harris on this forum. I kept up my end of the bargain …..

    • I have wondered that too, Julian.

      I thought you might both have got together and decided to lay back following the tactics of Spink and the CIIP on this blog. I wouldn’t blame either of you for that. I was having a great deal of difficulty trying to moderate their stream of malicious comments – and would not have wished to expose either of you to that kind of abuse.

      • I see Rebecca’s failure as symptomatic of the vacuity of her party’s promise.

        • Perhaps the reason Rebecca hasn’t replied has more to do with the fact she’s campaigning all the hours given, canvassing, leafletting, answering letters, emails and phone calls from residents who want to know hers and the Conservatives policies.

          If you have time to read blogs and start a little discussion, maybe that says something about how you use the amount of time you have available.

  3. Turningdot is correct
    I have had many leaflets from the tories and a visit to my house by rebecca Harris personally, so we know the Tories have been busy and take this election seriously.
    I have had 1 leaflet from Labour that came tucked inside a pizza promotion and one leaflet from Bob Spinks Party.
    Which apparently isnt a Party !!! probably just a ploy to Divide the mainland and hand power to Canvey.

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