While Rebecca Focuses On Local Issues, The Echo Gives Its Front Page To Bob

THIS YEAR’S GENERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN is likely to be remembered by residents as that in which the main party candidates struggled to have their messages heard above Spink’s clamour for attention from the local press.

On Tuesday, the Echo duly obliged – choosing to ignore a national perspective on its Save Canvey Pool campaign that the Conservative candidate, Rebecca Harris, had provided the previous day.

While Rebecca was explaining to the Shadow Justice Secretary, Dominic Grieve, how fears over excessive Health and Safely legislation – and the growing compensation culture – had threatened the future of one of Canvey’s tidal pools; Gail Boland, Spink’s partner, was on the phone to the local police demanding that they arrest Bill Sharp over a ‘public order offence.’

It seems that Bill Sharp had waived an A3 poster of the Conservative candidate at Bob and Gail when they drove past him in their ‘battle-bus’ (proclaiming Bob Spink as an independent) on Sunday.

The two conspirators must have thought long and hard about using the incident when they returned home that night – and made their decision to get the police involved the following morning.

It appears that, to Spink and Boland, waiving Rebecca’s campaign poster at them is equivalent to a traditional English bowman’s salute, which I, and many other residents, may have performed in similar circumstances.

Of course, the Echo had a duty to report the incident – and had they had time they might also have considered the other point that Rebecca was making about a Conservative government: that it would bring an end to the culture of excessive litigation, while, at the same time, giving legal safeguards to those who really need them. But the appropriateness of her remark was apparently lost upon them as they devoted their whole front page, and a page-two column, to their ‘Tory’s arrest after spat with Spink’ leader.

On Wednesday, Sarah Calkin (an Echo staff reporter) decided to take-up space at the top of page-five to throw her own support behind Spink.

Casting around for a theme, she chose to report on UKIP’s support-ad for Spink in the Southend Standard. Bob could not have wished for more. UKIP had paid for the Standard’s advert – and now Calkin was reiterating its statements here (for nothing). She was even good enough to quote him in one of his biggest lies. (Can you spot it?.. Oh, no… There’s another one… Better make it: can you spot them?).

One thing is for sure, Bob Spink is spending a lot of money on his campaign. Unless I have been singled-out for special attention, his campaign literature was delivered to me by second-class post in a white Christmas-card envelope. (All my other candidate literature has been painstakingly delivered by hand to save on costs).

Is there a story here? His glossy A4 literature, which neither the Tories or Labour can match, certainly contains some whoppers – so perhaps he has no choice but to keep the envelopes’ contents concealed from postmen. But I particularly like the way in which he continues to promote his endorsement by John Mann MP.

Peas and a single pod come to mind…

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  1. No Ted .

    the happy couple were standing at Hadleigh and I was in the Conservative battle bus . (much bigger)

    I was accused of a middle finger gesture whilst in a moving vehicle.
    Although my witness who was driving ridiculed this and indeed confirmed he had seen Ms Boland doing exactly the same . it seems that the deadly duo have a greater control over our local police force and not only were they interviewed within a day but within two hours two police men (women) arrived at my house and arrested me took me to raiyleigh police station and put me in a cell ..

    I am told It was alleged I swore at them and gave them the sign .It is not true I assure your readers . but why did Spank have the ability to get the police to work so hard so speedily for a simple public order offence.. and If he was so sure of what happened why did he contact my witness and sugest he changed his story..

    Is it because the man is an egotistical maniac or is it because the picture in his parties election addresses show him and them with a policeman outside Benfleet police station …???

    I look forward to the speed of my arrest being matched by the speed of the matter as all the others he and she have brought against me being proven as no case to answer.

    Bill Sharp


  2. You really should know better Ted!

    Never draw upon an Echo article for facts!

  3. Could this Pro-Spink bias from Calkin come from the fact they are both from Yorkshire?

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