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Candidates sharing a Web platform with Spink

I USED TO THINK that elections were all about selecting a candidate whose views most closely matched one’s own. Bob Spink, I am sure, would be one of the first to agree with me; because, throughout his political career he has done everything he can to represent himself as supporting whatever public position has made headlines in the press. But Bob is a media whore: he is not a conviction politician. His only objective in life is to create a safe parliamentary seat for himself from where he can indulge his egotistical fantasies and enjoy a taxpayer funded lifestyle. This was never more evident than in his latest statement (broadcast by Southend Radio) that a hung parliament would give him even more power, if elected, to put a stop to immigration; withdraw from the European Union; and deal with MPs’ expenses. Poor Bob remains oblivious to the fact that he has no influence in parliament; would not be called upon by any party to present his opinions – and would continue to be a subject of ridicule by his fellow MPs.

As the inset list of present members shows, even the Election Book domain failed to recruit any serious parliamentary candidates once Bob Spink had signed-up to use their facilities.

But, while ‘Spink-the-Spiv’ does his best to convince residents that he represents their views, neither his Canvey Island Independence Party  or Independent Save Our Green Belt party makes any such claims. Residents are given no idea of where either party stands on local or national issues. It seems that the CIIP is content to rely on a simple position statement: that they are against anything proposed by a borough majority; they are against anything that a Conservative or Labour majority might propose; and are totally against the mainland. They paint the Conservatives as liars; Labour as ‘only coming out at election time;’ and continue to focus on Canvey Island’s tidal pool without once mentioning what they intend to do about it (despite being in talks to take-over its management).

During its last session, Castle Point Borough Council had been preparing itself for up to a ten percent reduction in the funds supplied to it by government. But, the fact is, the state of the country’s finances is so dire that, whomever is elected, will see that cut rise to some twenty-five percent.

While the Conservative-led Borough Council has been managing its finances responsibly, preparing for bad times ahead, the CIIP majority on the Town Council will be spending twice its annual precept this year. On what we have yet to discover. All we can be certain of, at this time, is that: this is an election year.

Such is the competence of the CIIP that they would direct precious resources, at this time, to planting shrubs; planting trees; erecting lamp-posts to hold hanging baskets; acquiring high-street planters and displaying plaques promoting the Town Council. Residents’ money has been spent on cosmetics – and not one penny towards ensuring the safety of Canvey’s tidal pool; improving island playground facilities or centres for the island’s youth. Furthermore, when local charities or organisations apply for a grant addressing such matters: they are dismissed with a paltry cheque for £100.

‘THEY [the majority] MAKE PROMISES, WRITE WISH LISTS, BUT ULTIMATELY THEY GIVE US NOTHING’ proclaims the CIIP’s election leaflets. No mention is made of the new Adizone in Kismet Park; the Bumble Bee statue; the opening of Canvey’s West Marshes to the public; improvements to Waterside Leisure Centre or the Paddocks’ improvements and new Health Centre. And no mention of the complete makeover planned for Canvey Town Centre, which the CIIP accuse the council of leaving ‘to die.’

Unlike Spink, the CIIP does not actually lie in its election leaflets: it just omits telling the truth…

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  1. Have you seen Spinkies recent election lies Ted, which are being posted addressed to Dear Friends?
    If you give me your email address I’ll send it to you.

    • He lives in a fantasy world, Jim. He is so used to lying that it has become second nature – and I think that, now, he actually believes what he says.

      The problem is that those around him feed off his view of the world – and reinforce his psychosis still further.

      I don’t believe he is a well man. He was paranoid when he contributed under his friend’s name here, and, at the end of that Southend Radio debate, he seemed to lose control completely…

      • I have to agree. You just have to take a look at his new party’s website to see that something is seriously wrong in the Spink camp. Just 3 days to go and they still have no manifesto or statement for the electorate to see. And has anyone seen him this weekend?

        There has been no Spink campaign bus hailing its presence around my area – and this was the last opportunity he and his parties will have of finding residents in.

        • Apart from Saturday afternoon, I have been in all bank holiday week-end as well, Cynical.

          Nothing to disturb the peace here either. Just a Spink flyer and the CIIP’s material – this time delivered by hand; and without any door-knocking.

          For someone who is so manipulative and campaign savvy, the omission of any ISOGBP material on its Web space; and the fact that he has still not uploaded any content to the space he prepared for himself on the Election Book site, is completely out of character. If anything, Spink has always been meticulously in his planning; but now he seems totally disorganised and clinging desperately to his abandoned independent status.

          It is difficult to try and predict what, if anything, he is going to do next…

  2. I have heard he has a loud speaker system on a car that tours round and round Canvey Town centre playing music and then saying support spink the tories lie etc etc etc .

    I have spoken to lots of people who have not put up his boards . the way he achieved so many is a s follows .

    anyone who contacted him or signed a petition was sent a creepy letter asking that as he assisted them would they mind if he put a board up in their garden to help his campaign .
    most of these people would have felt either embarressed or excited that an MP had spokent ot them. and agreed.
    Every leaflet I have seen has been full of lies .
    and as for saluting a uniformed officer whilst not in uniform . shows he was only a boy telex operator for 6 months before he was invalided out . probably sore middle finger syndrome !!!!!

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