Bookie Fancies Rebecca’s Chances At The Ballot

REBECCA HARRIS has the best odds of any Castle Point general election candidate  – making her more favoured to win the seat than any other candidate.

With odds of 16/5 from website Betfair, Dr Spink has been judged as likely as the BNP candidate to win.

Betfair puts the Conservatives on 30/100; the Lib Dem candidate on 21/1 and Labour at 39/1.

UKIP’s chances are rated at 59/1.

Now compare those peculiar facts with Sarah Calkin’s spin-piece in the Echo

One Response

  1. Bob Spinks and HIS Echo are masters in spin and possibly other parties should take a lead from him, the Independents certainly are, with Clegg promoting a limited point manifesto with the skill of a Chat Show host and is sure to pick up the Undecided masses of confussed voters and first time voters.
    Lets hope sanity provales in Castle Point and a Conservative MP is again re-elected and remains a Tory MP for their full ELECTED TERM, and not swap parties when the mood suits them.

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