Dave Blackwell: A Changed Man?

THIS BLOG’S readers’ forum has been somewhat taken aback. Yesterday afternoon, Dave Blackwell, leader of the Canvey Island Independence Party, posted this comment:

Hi Ted can i just say now all the dust has settled as leader of canvey island independent party i have always tried to work with the ruling group for the benifit of the residents of canvey island .people who attack me dont even know me i have lived on canvey all my life and i love the place and want to help inprove it for the better and i will work with anyone who wants the same .i just wish the leadership of the council in benfleet would except the canvey peoples decision and work with us . and i hope rebecca will to .Dave

Readers recognised this as Dave Blackwell – his signature is unique – but they were surprised to find him posting under his own name. ‘Is this a serious statement from Blackwell?’ my inbox asks, ‘Or are we about to be used as a springboard for CIIP propaganda in the same way that Neville Watson, posting under the alias of ziggy123, abuses the Echo’s facilities?’

Well, Dave: what do you have to say? Is your latest post merely an attempt to woo Canvey Beat readers in the wake of Bob Spink’s comprehensive defeat? A recognition of the fact that the Truth always has a louder voice than any that can be mustered against it?

You see, the fact is, Dave: I and my readers have a healthy distrust of any political party that devotes itself to misleading its voters. Perhaps you could explain why you have adopted the word ‘independent’ in your party’s brand, rather than employing ‘independence’ to make a truthful statement.

You are at pains to point-out, in your post, that you are that party’s leader – and it is evident that you employ a party whip; because your members always vote together in council. (Which, incidentally, is not something that can be claimed of the borough’s majority).

Has the defeat of Bob Spink’s Independent Save Our Green Belt Party (ISOGBP) on the mainland forced you to consider that this was largely brought about by Canvey Beat readers – and that you need to set about presenting a more moderate face in order to hoodwink them into believing that you and your ISOGBP colleagues are not a threat to this borough’s Democracy?

What you and your colleagues do not get, Dave, is that, if your party were honest and published a detailed manifesto that the public could examine: it would receive no criticism from this corner. But, is it not a fact that the reason you do not publish your Canvey independence ambitions is because they make no economic sense?

Is it not a fact that separating the island from the mainland would have little effect on the Council Tax paid by mainlanders; but that islander’s Council Tax, together with the Town Council levy, would increase by at least 200%?

And is it not the case that the only way to reduce that Council Tax to manageable proportions would be to virtually double the amount of housing on Canvey? And that the only place to build such accommodation would necessitate building on ALL of Canvey’s green belt?

Is not the truth that your party actually has no real vision for improving this island – or seeing it properly integrated with the mainland to generate wealth and employment? And that the only objective you and your party members share is ensuring your continued re-election, by whatever means necessary, to satisfy your personal egos?..

(You don’t have to confine yourself to the comments section, Dave. Send me an email and I will publish it in full)..

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  1. I wouldnt hold your breath Ted. Blackwell wont reply. Honesty is not part of his party’s policies (whatever they are)

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