The Canvey Beat Launches Online Petition

IN A RECENT STRAW-POLL, conducted on this blog, 96% of readers believed that residents should have the power to sack their elected councillors.

Today, the Canvey Beat has launched an online petition, calling upon Castle Point Borough Council to amend their constitution and provide residents with that ability.

Please sign it.

In a constituency that elects its councillors by thirds, and denies voters the ability to replace its elected officials every four years, this matter is of fundamental importance to the effective operation of Democracy in this borough.

During the local election, no party voiced support for the proposal, despite feelings amongst residents running high.

Now is the time to make your voice heard – or forever remain silent.

It is your borough.

Make sure that your councillors represent your views – and that you have the power to recall them when they do not fulfil their obligations.

Take control now by signing our petition…

2 Responses

  1. Not sure how that would work,
    Who sacks who ?
    Only ward members sack their own Cllr ?
    Like a by-election or just remmove a party Cllr and party replace them ?
    what grounds are required to remove a cllr ?
    Scrutiny committee is not a fair system I have seen it.

    I would like to see some public input into Cllr behavour but I feel the ability to dismiss them would need a lot of control from some one and I could not think of anyone that I would trust to be impartial enough to do it .
    As for representing the views of residents then thats what the nieghborhood meetings are for , get more people there get the structure sorted Thundersley /benfleet are amoung the best organised with excelent paper work for the public

    • Yes, Simon. I admit the petition is a little pre-emptive, and it remains to be seen what the new coalition government introduces by way of what constitutes a ‘sackable’ offence. That is why it has been phrased in terms of ‘similar measures.’ Certainly no action could be taken until parliament makes its decisions; but the petition is made on principle.

      It is a call upon council to agree to adopt similar measures to those passed in parliament – granting the right to voters to sack their sitting MPs.

      The Castle Point constituency has a history of denying voters any influence over their representatives. Had the national measure been in place when Spink was ousted from the Tory party, it could be argued that voters would have had the opportunity to force a by-election because they voted for the party’s manifesto – and not an unprincipled man.

      In the same way, a local dispute between a council official and a peoples’ representative, in which the electorate have no say in a subsequent suspension of the councillor whom they elected to represent them, is entirely undemocratic.

      And there is a pressing issue to be dealt with concerning island politics too. The Canvey Island Independent Party, apparently, exercises no whip; has no detailed manifesto; and has no disciplinary procedures it can enforce upon party members. In the light of that it is of fundamental importance that voters have a right to recall their councillors – especially in circumstances where it can be proven that they have been purposely misled.

      [Yes. Kick my butt! Bad choice of words: ‘pledges.’ I have altered it to ‘obligations’ – which is probably what I meant. The petitions wording does, I promise, make things clear :-(]

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