Dave Still Hasn’t Quite Got The Picture

Dave Blackwell's grey policy

Did you know that Dave Blackwell, leader of the Canvey Island Independent Party; leader of the borough’s opposition; and chairman of Canvey Island Wildlife and Conservation Group, is actually a budding wildlife photographer? Furthermore, it must be said, he demonstrates some talent too; but, like his politics, Dave prefers grey images that obscure their more colourful details.

Dave makes no mention of his political views (what’s to mention?) on his image site – and he is keen to protect his copyright, which is displayed at the foot of every page. Nonetheless, visitors are permitted to browse his galleries of wildlife pictures, which, it seems, have all been taken on Canvey Island.

His site is well worth a visit.

You have a raw talent Dave – not too dissimilar from the talent you show for politics. You have no problem focussing on a particular subject; but you are reluctant to use the bold blacks and whites, which would bring your image to life.

That is a pity; from the point-of-view of your site’s visitors – and this island’s voters…

Making a statement

2 Responses

  1. Don’t see why you have to be critical of someones hobby Ted, it’s probably something that Dave feels so passionate about. You are in danger of knocking your ball out of bounds.

  2. I want to agree with you as well Ted but not sure if you are right on this post?

    I thought his pictures were terrific whatever the mans politics!

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