CIIP In Full Retreat From Island Yobs

Anne Wood

RESIDENTS WERE DISMAYED TO READ, in today’s Echo, that the Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP), just 18 days after having won all contested island seats in this month’s local elections, immediately reneged on three of the seven policies they had been elected upon.

Into the waste-bin went the party’s Community Safety and Policing policy in which it promised to ‘promote any strategy or initiative that will ensure that residents enjoy living in the borough in good health and free from crime or the fear of crime.’

Its Leisure, Sport and Public Amenities policy, promising to ‘maintain and improve the Island’s existing leisure and sports buildings, facilities and equipment, also its public amenities,’ saw a similar fate – while its Our Children policy, stating that the party would ‘promote and actively support any strategy or initiative to establish and/or enhance the facilities for the Island’s children and youth,’ was cast unceremoniously into the party’s shredder.

Anne Wood, deputy leader of the CIIP, was promoting a petition from a small number of 41 householders living near Kismet Park to have the £150,000 Adizone centre, designed to help teenagers and adults keep fit, to be removed.

Paid for by Adidas and the Veolia ES Pitsea Cleanaway Marshes Trust, the Adizone was only erected two months ago as a bonus from Castle Point’s involvement in the 2012 Olympics. But it seems that Wood is objecting on the grounds that local ‘yobs,’ whom have always accumulated around the Kismet Park site, have not moved-on since the centre was provided.

The Echo quotes her as saying: ‘I hope the council leaders take this petition seriously, but I fear they won’t.

“I’ve had constant calls from residents, complaining about teenagers smashing bottles, throwing stones, and throwing eggs at people’s windows.’

Then why haven’t you done something about it, Anne? Aren’t we paying you enough?

Anne Wood is not only the CIIP’s deputy leader, she is also the island’s local Town Councillor for East Ward and borough Councillor for Canvey Island East. She is also a member of the borough Standards Committee and, surprisingly, on the borough’s Policy and Performance group. Surprising, in this instance, because she has failed to comply with no fewer than three of her own party’s policies in the Adizone matter.

Wood has averaged some £4,050 in each of the past four years for her Borough Council position. The Town Council has not seen fit to publish its Councillor allowances for the time it has been established – and the CIIP still has not filed last year’s accounts. Therefore, it is not possible to say by just how much the taxpayer subsidises her annual income.

What can be said though, is that, as both a town and borough councillor, she is free to use any one of their phones. It can also be revealed that the Local Neighbourhood Police team actually publishes a telephone number for residents to get in touch.

If you have a pen and paper handy Anne, the number you need is: 0300 333 4444 ext 460100.

Now, can you stop your political posturing and, instead, use your elected position to sort things out?..

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  1. The Petition was of 40 Signatures, the Cabinet were not aware of any complaints
    Kids need some where to go they are being pushed out of residential areas, there are issues with teenage kids at the moment I have 2 myself and they need to be controlled as Ted says if there is an issue get the Community Police involved not just to move them on but talk with them educate them in how to behave if they want to congregate in that area.
    Belfairs woods had an issue and the Police did a good job there so I hear.

  2. I find it pathetic that Mrs Woods seeks to pass the buck onto others instead of doing what she was elected to do and help her residents.

    As you say Yobs and morons have been infesting this area for some time now and rather than actually do something she would rather posture and make cheap political points.

    Sooner or later people are going to realise they have been duped by the CIIP and that, for all their words to their friends at the Echo, they actually do very little.

  3. I am not a Town Councillor for East Ward or any other, you are totally wrong.
    The CIIP Accounts have been submitted and I have the letter to prove it – they will be on the Electoral Commission website if you care to look. I support the youth and children, that is why my party asked for a youth centre at the paddocks – your party the Conservatives refused it. I asked for the budget cut for the children’s playground to be reinstated, cut by £60,000 by the conservatives – again they refused to give the park what it deserves and kept the cuts. As for the Adizone – have the courage to come and meet the residents near Kismet Park whom I speak to nearly every day that are having problems. I have requested the cabinet member for safer communities at cabinet last night to come and find out what is going on, and to help resolve matters. It is only a minority of unruly youths, but as you should know, they can cause such problems.
    Hopefully the ruling group, ie Conservatives will start listening to the people and the ward councillors and help get things done.
    By the way, I only receive basic councillor allowances unlike the thousands and thousands of pounds that are paid to Conservative Cabinet members. I do not usually waste my time with this site, but personal attacks that are incorrect have to corrected.

    • Yes. Sorry about that Anne.

      This old hack is still trying to come to terms with CIIP Town Councillors; CIIP Borough Councillors; and a Canvey Island Independent Party without a press officer, media spokesman or a detailed manifesto.

      After 13 months I still find it very confusing – God knows how residents cope.

      No comment, I note, on the fact that you have dumped three of your party’s policies in your stand on the Adizone, then?

      And nothing to say regarding any attempt by yourself to resolve the local ‘minority of unruly youths’ problem?

      What should residents do in cases like this, Anne? Should they contact their Town Councillor? Their Borough Councillor? Or should they just contact the local neighbourhood police themselves to see action taken? (This is an issue that has been on-going long before the Adizone was erected in the park and, until Tuesday evening’s Cabinet meeting, which you and Lee Barrett attended, has never before been raised in Council)…

    • I think what Ted is trying to say is that your comment is OFF TOPIC again Anne.

      What does it take to get a CIIP party member to answer a simple observation?

      And what the hell is all this about “my party asked for a youth centre at the paddocks”? Precisely, it asked. It didn’t provide any costings, it just decalred a vague idea, and it didn’t attempt to find out how such an idea would impact on the paddocks being used for all community members. Like Ted suggests, what the hell are we payng you for?

      And the £60,000 at Kismet park. Wasn’t that earmarked for youth facilities? And hasn’t that been achieved through the Adizone installation at far superior a level? And hasn’t the £20,000 earmarked for tiny tots been left in place to provide those facilities?

      What the hell are you going to spend £60,000 on? Again, NO DETAILS.

      God help us all if the CIIP were ever to find itself in budgetery control of anthing for the borough! You just don’t live in the real world, do you? And you don’t have a single COSTED idea.

      Thank you so much for your input Anne. It really has been enlightening.

  4. Like a vengeful harpy Mrs Woods lands and true to form makes the sort of cheap political points that is her trademark.

    How many times does she mention the Conservatives in her little diatribe?

    Clearly she is obsessed, alas unhealthily so.

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