So Much For Barrett’s ‘Proposals’

Peter Burch

AN OPPORTUNITY to address the needs of the borough’s homeless suddenly melted away on Wednesday evening when Barrett’s Kiln Road development proposals faced the forensic scrutiny of Peter Burch, Conservative member for Cedar Hall, who immediately took the applicant to task on five main areas that sounded the plan’s death knell.

  • Instances of plot frontages, required to be no less than 12.2 metres, fell to just 9.1 metres; and 51 (one-third of the dwellings) fell below 9.1 metres to just 5 metres.
  • Five blocks of flats were within the development (contrary to the borough’s requirements of being located on main roads) and three out of the five failed to meet the requisite isolation space to prevent overlooking.
  • Sixteen plots’ amenity space did not fulfil requirements.
  • Twenty-one plots did not meet parking space requirements and there were problems with turning and movement.
  • Natural England had objected to the proposals.

The decision was unanimous. The plans were rejected.