Is It Your Intention To Continue Misleading The Public, Tom?

I SUPPOSE that no one wishes to spend all that money on producing Concord Pool flyers – only to find that the issue has gone away. And if you are a wannabe online publisher, it is difficult to ditch a story that has thrown your site into the limelight. But Tom Jea still has not updated his Concord pool ‘coverage’ to incorporate the joint statement released by the Borough and Town Councils regarding their discussions.

Instead his site continues to blast the furious message:-

Canvey Island Town Council are asking for Islander’s[sic] support, in a letterwriting[sic] and emailing campaign to local papers (with copies to the Borough Council’s Chief Executive, and peoples’ Councillors[sic].

The page then drops into savaging the Borough Council’s cabinet in a report about a Town Council meeting a month ago – on 25th March.

What Jea is failing to do (for the benefit of all those extra visitors his site is getting on the back of those flyers) is to inform readers that the Town Council will apparently be taking-over the responsibility for Canvey’s Sea Pool, and that both sides have agreed to seek advice about how this might best be managed.

The Borough Council actually distributed the following Press Release on 23 April; but perhaps Tom does not qualify for a copy – or is too busy to monitor their Website. (Notably, the Echo has not carried it – and the Town Council’s Website has not mentioned it either.)

The following Statement is issued on behalf of the Castle Point Borough Council and the Canvey Island Town Council.

‘The Deputy Leader of Castle Point Borough Council – Councillor Jeffrey Stanley and the Chairman of Canvey Island Town Council Town Councillor Nick Harvey said:-

“The first meeting of the Canvey Island Sea Water Pools Working Party took place Wednesday evening  (21st April).

“The meeting was useful. Councillors from both Councils have agreed to commission specialist advice to assist the discussion regarding the Town Council’s wish to take over responsibility for the Canvey Sea Water Pool on Canvey Sea Front.”’

So the Concord pool is apparently about to be taken over by the Town Council, and its precept used to repair, maintain and insure the pool. What is not yet known is just how much precious reserves will be ploughed into the venture. As previously reported, the Town Council will spend in excess of £200,000 more than is raised by islanders’ Council Tax Levy this year, leaving just £160,000 in its coffers for emergencies and schemes like this.

What is your opinion on this issue?..

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