Woolas Admits Even His Children Have Suffered From Immigration

(Telegraph) – PHIL WOOLAS, the immigration minister, has admitted even his own children and family have “suffered” because of the impacts of his Government’s immigration policies.

Mr Woolas, who has two boys of school age, accepted that the sudden influx of large numbers of people had had an effect on communities after being confronted by an unemployed man on BBC’s Newsnight.

He went on to admit: “My own family, my children, have suffered from that and we recognise that point …”

Asked what he meant, he added only: “Well, if you get, as the gentleman says, if you get a big influx of people coming into an area, Slough Council, Peterborough Council, have raised this point, that is the price you pay.”

He refused to expand on his comments yesterday and it remains unclear whether he means his children have suffered as a result of pressure on schools or communities in general.

He is the latest Labour minister to accept immigration has impacted on towns and cities but

In December, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, said immigration had “cost” parts of Britain, impacting on jobs, wages and even family ties.

That came a week after Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, said the Government had been inept over immigration, which had impacted on communities.

Chris Grayling, the shadow Home Secretary, said: “There is no question that immigration has put huge pressure on our public services. How can a Minister defend a policy that he admits his own family has suffered from?”