CIIP Site Hacked By 1923Turk Grup

Hacked by 1923Turk Grup

ANYONE TRYING TO ACCESS the Canvey Island Independence Party’s Website tonight would have been surprised to find the greeting that met them. 

The Internet group known as the 1923Turk Grup had slipped beneath the party’s defences and gained privileged access to its server’s root directory. 

The 1923Turk Grup has a reputation for being able to circumvent security protocols; and they rarely do any real damage. But why the CIIP’s server has been targeted by the mysterious organisation, itself remains a mystery. 

Bob Spink has talked long and hard in parliament against the EU permitting Turkey to enter the union before the Cyprus issue is resolved. Indeed, a week after his 2005 speech, he left the country to stay at the five-star Grecian Bay Hotel, in Cyprus, with Gail Boland for eight days. 

Spink had this to say on 20th July 2005:- 

Finally, to turn to foreign affairs, the Turkish Invasion and occupation of Cyprus is one of the greatest crimes committed in europe since world  war two. It ammounted to ethnic cleansing and some 200,000 people were uprooted, made refugees and displaced form their homes, and they still remain displaced. It is time that the international community stopped its appeasement of  Turkey and made it plain to Turkey that it cannot move forward in Europe or the international community until it resolves that difficulty and ends peacefully its improper and illegal occupation of the beautiful island of Cyprus. 

Perhaps the group is making a point. 

Turkey is a fiercely democratic country and the 1923Turk Grup hints at this in its title. The country’s political system was established in 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, following the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I.

… (30/03/2010) – Technicians have had all morning to fix the CIIP’s problem; but its Website is now unreachable. Perhaps the democratic invaders left a shell-script behind after all…

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  1. Neville is uncharacteristically quiet I would have expected him to be first here claiming it is all a tory plot to deny the CIIP voice in the election……………………………..

    So Bob doesnt think that the Turks had a right to defend their countrymen when the Greeks launched a junta takeover of Cyprus and removed all Turkish politicians.

    Yeah right

    But then Bob will say anything for a free 5-star holiday on a “beautiful island”………………………………………………….

    • Hi Cynical Observer.
      I deal with facts not fantasy and i have no comment on anything to do with another Country’s problems in the political process i have enough to do here on Canvey Island.

      Regards Neville.

  2. Hi Ted.
    We would like to dispel any rumour that there is a mystery plot against us or our site by another political party or terrorist, the whole server is affected with many company’s, and blogs i have not jumped to conclusions before getting the facts.
    there is an on going enquiry by our servers as to the true source of the problem and we will await the results of this but at the time of writing there is no evidence of a mystery plot by anyone, our members have been informed by me.

    Hope this helps

    Regards Neville.

    • You cant help yourself can you Neville?

      I am glad to hear that for probably the first time you are not blaming the tories for your party’s problems; but who the hell mentioned “terrorist”?

      Do I detect a mother load of islamaphobia as exhibited by your leader Spink?

      There is absolutely nothing to suggest that 1923Turk is or has ever been associated with a “terrorist” organisation. Quite the contrary infact. Its hacking is even accompanied by full instructions of how to combat a similar attack. You just have to Google 1923Turk.

      Where do you get off on always having to call upon far right rhetoric – even in a simple statement

  3. Hi Cynical.
    its so nice of you to keep making me popular.

    Regards Neville.

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