Bye, Bye, Bob – Hello, Rebecca

CASTLE POINT RESIDENTS struck a blow for Democracy this morning, just before 2:00am. Rebecca Harris was elected as the borough’s new MP with a convincing majority of 7,632 over her rival, Bob Spink.

The full results were as follows:-

  • Rebecca Harris (Conservative): 19,806
  • Bob Spink  (Independent): 12,174
  • Julian Ware-Lane (Labour): 6,609
  • Brendan D’Cruz (Liberal Democrat):  4,232
  • Philip Howell (British National Party): 2,205

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6 Responses

  1. Bye Bye slippery odious man, Spinkie has got the boot well done to everyone who voted against him.

  2. I can only say well done to the people of Castle Point . Hopefully the island and the mainland can now work together without his disruptive input .

  3. You mean you didn’t vote for Bob then Bill? Any cynics might think you were bitter!

  4. No bitterness here Srian . satisfaction but not bitterness.

  5. Well i’m sure Bob’s other half will ease the pain for him!

  6. which one .. there are any number . oh no that was when he was the MP ha ha.

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