Castle Point Or Passport To Pimlico?

IN THE FIRST cross-party discussion to be held in the comments section of this blog, Neville Watson, Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP) councillor for the island’s Winter Gardens ward, appeared to suggest that his main objective, and that of the CIIP, is to obtain the island’s complete political separation from the mainland.

Asked: ‘Is this the pact you have with Spink? Is this the purpose of the ISOGBP? to infiltrate the borough council and align itself with the CIIP to pass a separation resolution?’ Neville did not reply; but, if true, residents would at last be able to understand the motive behind the CIIP’s radical opposition to the majority on the Borough Council and the reason why Spink is not fielding any ISOGBP candidates, in the local May 6th elections, on the island.

Neville’s statement also raises the question why the CIIP purposely chose the less controversial term ‘Independent’ in its title, rather than adopting the ‘Canvey Island Independence Party’ as its political brand. Had they done so, islanders would have been able to easily recognise their political strategy as no more than a cynical power ploy to establish safe seats from which they could not be deposed by their then recently rejected Labour Party.

Under the present system, voters for the main political parties have some control over their representatives by being able to complain to their local association. But the CIIP offers no such facility for the electorate to have an errant candidate replaced.

Dave Blackwell, local garden centre manager and leader of the CIIP, has this as his welcome message to that party’s Website:-

Welcome to the Canvey Island Independent Party’s website. The Canvey Island Independent Party was formed in 2004 because I felt Canvey Island was being neglected by the main political parties. I have lived on Canvey Island all of my life and my family have lived on the Island since 1936. My auntie and uncle were both past members of the old Canvey Urban District Council.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Canvey Island was a lovely place to live; clean and safe.

Where has all of that gone?

Well it seemed to have started when we joined the main land. I still find Canvey Island a nice place to live and I love it and that is exactly why I am so passionate about giving Canvey what it rightfully deserves. A cleaner, safer and greener place to live with a group of dedicated councillors to help shape Canvey Island into the way you, the residents, want it to be.

I am certain we can achieve this goal if we all work together. Canvey for Canvey my friends!

All the best

Dave Blackwell
Party Leader

Carefully phrased, like Spink’s recent Yellow Advertiser advert, few islanders would perceive any threat from such a party. But Watson’s remarks, on this blog, now put that sentence referencing the mainland into an entirely different light.

Now reading between the lines, it is evident that Blackwell and his party is actually pursuing political separation. But they do not have the honesty to say so. They continue to promote the lie that they are ‘Independent.’ The fact now emerging is that CIIP councillors are pursuing a common strategy – and that strategy has both public and clandestine components.

One does not expect anti-democratic extremism to be present on a small, peaceful, English island in the Thames estuary. But that is exactly what we have here. Not some political terrorist group infiltrating the political establishment to wage a war from within; but, nonetheless, an attack on British Democracy using the very same tactics employed by the far-left, which once riddled the Labour Party, and which seeks not to represent residents; but to spin public opinion and use its power-base to influence voters towards goals that are not made public.

So what would separation mean?..

Let us take the constitutional issue first.

In the thread, Julian explains that separating Canvey from the mainland would not give rise to a further parliamentary seat. The Electoral Commission sets a baseline of around 72,000 voters to form a constituency (and the total population of Canvey Island is just some 40,000 – well below that required).

But what it would do is carve-up the Borough on historical political lines. A Tory mainland and a Labour island. Mainland Labour voters would likely be unable to elect a true representative of their views to act for them locally; and Tory voters, on Canvey, would be in a similar predicament.

The strategy is one of social engineering, designed to create two geographic areas where the political landscape is purposely weighted to ensure candidates are routinely returned to office. And it is one in which, by influencing a free press, opposition will never be reported – because it will be the ruling politicians whom control what is said.

It is already evident, in this Borough, that the local press is unduly influenced by our MP – and that all investigative journalism is absent.

So what is in it for Spink?

Bob has been planning this strategy for some time. Since being thrown-out of the Conservative party, Spink has tried to undermine the local Tory majority on every occasion. He has purposely spread dissent against the ruling group, both on the mainland and the island.

Together with the Echo’s complicity and his adverts in the Yellow Advertiser; Spink has done everything he can to manipulate public opinion. And he has seen the strategy to be a success. His Canvey Island Independent Party romped home in the last Borough Council elections by simply attacking the Cabinet. Residents did not ask the question ‘What are we voting for?’ – they were purposely conditioned by the local press and the opposition, whom they trusted,  to simply ‘vote against.’

Since then they have continued to be conditioned. Democracy has effectively been replaced by engineered public protest. Engineered, because all the island protests could have been avoided had the CIIP been doing its job of representing its electorate. And no mainland protest would have been needed had Spink done his job of mediating with councillors on his constituents’ behalf. Instead he used taxpayer funds to fuel the protests further, whilst, on the island, CIIP councillors purposely led the Tory’s to trip-over their political feet by presenting nothing but meaningless opposition to any proposals, and forcing the majority to impose a political whip in order to get anything done.

As soon as that happened, Spink and the opposition won. It was a political gift that the Tories must deeply regret.

Spink’s next move could have been predicted by any military person: ‘divide and conquer.’ It was the obvious move to make after that of ‘instil confusion in the enemy’.

After attacking the Tory council, Spink could not afford to allow the public to come together under one independent banner (except his own). Had he allowed the CIIP to expand to the mainland, and their campaign be successful, he would no longer have any political control over it. Blackwell would have had the power to remove his party’s localwide support for Spink and achieve his goal of  Canvey independence on his own. Hence Spink’s need to separate disaffected Conservative and Labour voters by presenting a new, ‘independent’ party with which mainlanders could protest against the Cabinet: the Independent Save Our Green Belt Party (ISOGBP).

Once again, the word ‘independent’ is at the fore.

Spink’s aim is to create another local landslide in his new party’s favour on the mainland – presenting his new troops as independent thinking individuals whose election would put a stop to Tory ‘mismanagement’ and public dissent.

It is the same strategy used by the CIIP to win Borough Council seats in the last elections. And the same strategy that the party will adopt this year to retain them.

By not fielding new party candidates against CIIP members, Spink is able to keep CIIP support – promising to repay them when the time comes.

If sufficient ISOGBP candidates are elected, they and the CIIP councillors will combine to force a separation resolution through council – with Spink, this time, wielding an ISOGBP whip.

In this election, Spink will be all over the local press. And he has effectively ‘bribed’ some residents into doing his promotion work for him. Along with their blank manifestos and no pledges, both the CIIP and the ISOGBP will be asking residents to express their anger at the local Tory cabinet by voting for themselves and Spink.

They will offer no policies; but, like the CIIP in the last local elections, will promise strong opposition.

It is Spink who has organised, trained and indoctrinated these candidates. And it is Spink who is providing them with the opportunity of becoming local councillors; masterminding their campaign; and providing them with finance.

Honest people, unfortunately, often see that same honesty reflected in others. And honest people are often extremely loyal. They are the last people to believe that they are being manipulated.

Spink’s smoke grenade, in this election, will be the local press to keep residents’ eyes off of the local elections while he carefully constructs an atmosphere conducive to his ‘indpendent’ party campaigns. We are unlikely to see any local coverage of CIIP or ISOGBP campaigning – simply because they have no policies or pledges to report.

If he loses this year, Spink will not be down-hearted. Provided he obtains local ‘independent’ representation from which he can continue to attack any possible Labour or Tory majority: he can continue to use precisely the same disruptive tactics to engineer his return in four year’s time.

Locally, he will continue to pull press and political opposition strings – and his shade will continue to darken this Borough for many years to come.

If you value Democracy, you will reject Spink, the Canvey Island Independent Party, and the Independent Save Our Green Belt Party when you visit the polls.

This has not been a good time for politics, and many residents will be wishing to abstain this year. But that is precisely what Spink and his cohorts are specifically hoping for.

A low turnout will favour Spink and his two parties.

A vote for either of those two parties will be a vote for separation.

Separation will deny you the opportunity of electing local candidates whom reflect the spectrum of main party politics. It will produce political ghettos on the mainland, and on the island, from which there will be no democratic return.

Please do not let that happen.

Please use your vote wisely this year…

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  1. Oh dear Ted.
    well at least i got what i wanted and i am afraid i pulled you in like a baby CIIP Members was i right? Well Ted this is fantasy politics Bill should have known me better what you have edited i predicted its a shame really because we were having a good debate,

    But this is so over the top people will just fall on the floor laughing my friend and it as gained not one thing only to discredit what i thought was a good web site but after your apologies to Councillor Barrett you have a record of not getting it right.

    I know one thing after the blunders of the Tory party at Castle Point they are heading for a melt down, its a shame really but there Cabinet that are officer lead have delivered the fatal blow.

    The trouble is look at the poles today how could Labour be pulling almost level? that must say everything surely, all i know is the Tory’s in Castle Point
    on Canvey are dead in the water as dead as the seaside pool that are going to destroy.

    One bad decision after another thinking they could get away with it as far as the mainland goes they must be worried i would be.

    Regards Neville.

    • Is that how your party treats residents as well, Neville?..

      Getting what it wants by pulling them in ‘like a baby?..’

      You are just confirming the type of politics that your party adopts.

      I think the facts speak for themselves…

      • Morning Ted.
        Just confirmed where you were coming from that it is a Tory Blog don’t be upset the art of politics is to see in the future not the next day, all i ask was to have a democratic debate of which i thought we had as a writer your there to have an un-biased opinion don’t blame me for your short comings there were things you stated that were not facts.

        Ted our members have been observing these debates as i say its a shame because you would have got your letter that would of lead to the best debate on here, maybe you should be more concerned with the fact that Tory’s are showing poorly across the Country how can they be in that position with the state of the current financial situation? its simple Ted they are not listening are they.
        Regards Neville.

        • Just let me get this straight, Neville: your are claiming that your remarks regarding Canvey’s separation from the mainland were just a plant, so that I might be misled into stating the things I have said here and to reveal myself as a Tory?

          Moreover, your refusal to answer direct questions regarding that same statement was simply another means of misdirection?

          And although there were things in this article that you state ‘were not facts:’ you are not about to reveal what they are – or confirm the other facts that, you infer, you do not dispute?

          And that, despite your statement to me that you do not ‘fear being accountable’, that ‘Councillors should put’ their views and that you do not ‘fear answering anything [you] write;’ you now wish to refrain from making a formal statement of your party’s aims, or your own views, in public, on this blog?

          You see, my problem Neville, is that I cannot understand why any elected councillor should wish to manipulate what a member of the press should say about them. Particularly in a public forum like this. And I cannot understand what type of responsible politician would engage in misleading the press or the public anyway.

          The electorate is entitled to expect their politicians to answer honestly and truthfully, and explicitly state their positions and aims. If a journalist like myself can be so easily misled by a politician: the public have a right to ask what that same politician has purposely misled them about as well…

  2. Well, Watson soon changed his tune. Just yesterday he was saying ” thank you for having an open honest transparent site”.

    Now yours is just another Tory blog Ted. Funny how anyone questioning his statments or dares to show readers what Labour’s old militant tendancy are up to on the island is immediately painted with a Tory brush.

    these guys arent concerned with democracy Ted All they are concerned with is creating enough dissent to have voters vote for them so they can retain their lucrative positions.

    What a wonderful partnership. The Labour’s far-left and the Conservatives far-right – in Spink. Now just what goal have those two extremes got in common.

    The answer is absolutely none, politically – but politics is not the motivation here.

    Here it is just power and money – and i am amazed why it is left to a lone blogger to finally publish facts which many residents have suspected for a long time.

  3. Neville

    I am sure you do not mean all you said there .. I know you and trust you as a person who works for the people in this borough. We disgree on many things and agree on many things but we are both fair enough to listen to each other and then adjudge rather than jump to a conclusion according to our party colour.

    I was not going to comment on this piece but decided that it was right to correct the missaprehension about this being a Tory Blog.

    I can only speak as I find and say that Ted sems to me to be an investigative journalist of the highest calibre . I know to many readers of the Ecjho that is a term they are not used to But it is right and proper that the disgaceful bias of the Local rag is countered by the truth .. If that truth happens to accord to the Tory Line then I am pleased . . Neville you are an independent of the old school ie You think for yourself . dont be used by your party or Spink as the mouthpiece for their claptrap.

    Best wishes Neville .

  4. first time i have been on this site as a resident on canvey island the people canvey have voted for canvey island independent party because they dont trust the others .the torys are just in it for there selves and the likes of owners of thorney bay and every other developer who wants to rape canvey. labour have just lost the plot .without a good oppisition canvey would of been finnished victims of corruption and greed . ted its seems you must be a tory at heart as you give the most disgaced tory coucillor bill sharp lots of space

    • Er, no bob. This is the second time you have commented without having the manners to keep on topic.

      If you don’t have anything useful to contribute, then keep your stupid remarks to yourself.

      If this were a party blog or the Echo, your comments would not have seen daylight.

      Now bugger-off and do us all the courtesy of not influencing your own comment approval ratings.

      Regards to Dave Blackwell and the rest of your party by the way…………………………………………………………………

      • :-)

        They love those thumbs don’t they, Cynical?

        You might notice that this Blog’s stats are soaring skyward at the moment – but it is not because it is attracting new readers. It is the island activists going through all its articles to modify those comment ratings.

        They will stop at nothing to influence, what they see, as public opinion…

        • Do they have enough computers – or enough time?

          On second thoughts I guess they have. After all, they don’t do anything else.

          Have you seen the CIIP’s new Blog Ted? They are doing the same thing there.

          One member writes an article, and then the rest of the gang submit comments agreeing.

          Here is Colin MaClean being bludgeoned by another one of Neville’s “plants”.

          • Mmm.

            And it is not ‘Silly Season.’ That coincides with the end of the parliamentary term, when political journalists turn their pens to more general entertainment…

        • I think i have unmasked that ignorant ‘bob’ Ted.

          Take a look at that CIIP blog and note the comments made by Dave Blackwell.

          Exactly the same lack of capitals – exactly the same lack of punctuation – and exactly the same way of speaking.

          Terming himself ‘bob’ must be some kind of Freudian slip!

          • You mean this?..

            ‘hi, well colin mc tory mclean says his website is a community website why does he stop anyone who is not a tory from making a comment .it is just a properganda website funded by rebbeca harris tory candidate for the genaral election ,with tory boy mclean and tory boy parkin the front men ,canvey people will see through them like a clear glass window .’

            It certainly does bear comparison, Cynical.

            Here, Blackwell is complaining that Colin MacLean is moderating what his readers are posting; but it is interesting to note that, so far, the CIIP have not permitted a single comment that criticises them.

            (They don’t get any, of course).

            Blackwell is also criticising Colin for setting-up his blog so close to the general election, which obviously makes it a Tory blog (Blackwell only set his up this month; but it obviously does not have similar aims). And Colin’s blog is apparently ‘funded by Rebecca Harris’.

            Er – Colin’s is a wordpress blog, Dave. It does not cost anything. Unlike yours, which has its own domain and presumably has been designed by a professional Webmaster.

            Who is funding that, I wonder?..

            • Don’t worry Ted. They will soon be publishing contrary views – now that you have mentioned it.

              Just give them time to think something up so they always have the winning argument………………………….

  5. Hi Bill.
    I will reply to you as a matter of respect as i know we both have that and a clear understanding all i want is what i say printed not to add anything else, i did not say it was party policy as was stated you can see when you and i have a good debate the reading ratings hit sky high.

    That is all that matters no fiction fantasy politics anything i say is for printing and comments good or bad you know i believe in public debate, personal insults from either side gain nothing other than turn the electorate away from voting.

    I was writing a piece for Ted when he made that comment that was not true all i ask is to comment on it the way i write it no more no less, if the public agree or disagree that’s fine all i know is we can have a good debate if you want i think the public both deserve it and want it, facts no fantasy or miss quotes please.

    By the way i hope all is well.

    Regards Neville.

    • “Misquoted?”

      Good God Neville, Ted even links to your actual comment – or are you going to say he moderated that?

      He invites you to put your case, he warns you about being pursued regarding your remarks – and he even gives you a heads up on this article.

      Not to mention questioning you on your remarks here and giving you a chance to make things perfectly clear – but you purposely chose not to answer.

      Now what does it mean when a politician refuses to answer a simple question?

      You got yourself into this hole. Stop digging.

  6. Morning Cynical.
    If Ted wants to know something about Bob Spink ask him i am far to busy to think of mainland candidates i don’t know any of them i hold no rank in the Canvey Island Independent party and probably never will, i have know Bob 20years in his capacity as our MP as far as i am concerned he does a good job.

    If i write to him with a residents concerns i have an immediate answer now if Rebbeca Harris or Julian Ware Lane win i would seek a working relationship with them, as a Councillor i would be mad not to in other words it would be irresponsible not to would it not?

    Bill Sharp knows and he will tell you i will not get involved in matters that are personal with anyone both of them know it would be unfair to there family’s, professionally myself and Bill Sharp get on well together and work on the same committees lets face it we both speak our minds not always popular in politics.

    I still believe if Bill was a Cabinet member he would not of voted for mass development, or the destruction of the sea pool on Canvey, you see Bill is not a yes man that’s why he will never be a Cabinet member.

    and one things for sure the officers would have been put in there place and told what there role is i hope this helps Cynical.

    • Frankly you have not helped one bit – because you have not addressed my comment. But leaving that aside it is interesting how you and others congratulate our MP for always providing a quick response to your letters. Frankly i would be very surprised if he didn’t. This is the age of the laptop, Blackberries and instant communication – why would any MP keep a resident waiting for a reply – unless it was to properly investigate a complicated matter?

      Bob has all the time in the world to communicate with residents – especially now that he does not spend so much precious time designing Yellow Advertiser adverts and inventing various quotes from “satisfied” residents.

      And I take your point about the officer led council; but it seems to me that the only councillor with any balls to actually try and do something about that situation was Bill Sharp – whose support suddenly melted away when he most needed it. Nothing to do with him being a Tory of course.

      And now your friend Bob and your CIIP colleagues purposely link his recent suspension to alleged planning irregularites of which he was unanimously cleared. And of course your friend Bob was not behind that particular slur.

      Neville you nhave opened my eyes. i actually voted for you in the last local elections – but my opinion of you as my local representative is degenerating by the hour.

      By all means keep digging………………………………

  7. Hi Cynical.
    Well you had better ask Bill Sharp who were the three people who gave him a statement defending him more important who were the Tory’s that gave evidence against him your comment Bill would you like to enlighten him?
    Regards Neville when you find out from Bill feel free to apologise Cynical.

    • No, I am not going to appologise Neville. While i respect the facts pointed out by Bill Sharp here you are still not addressing the issue. And what Bill has to say is actually very interesting.

      Correct me if I am wrong but there are 41 councillors – 27 ruling Tories and 14 opposition – which is always complaining along the lines you use here about an officer led council.

      My question is – when the opportunity presented itself in the shape of Bill Sharp – did the opposition not do something about it?

      Bill reveals here that he had the support of 6 Tory colleagues – making seven tory councillors with himself. Add 14 opposition members and my schoolboy arithmetic makes that 21.

      21 is a majority is it not?

      Did you do the same arithmetic yourselves but then decided not to propose a resolution and vote together – because then you would have removed a main plank of your local election campaign?………………

  8. Gents

    I am happy to say I got a letter of support from Neville and Martin Tucker and Dave Blackwell as well as six of my Conservative Colleagues.
    Disappointed now though reading Dave’s (bob) Comments, but it is election time and the good Dr Bob will have issued instructions which Dave will have to adhere to if he wishes to remain Deputy Leader of his party .
    I have no problems in stating I am innocent of all the nonsence charges which were levelled at me.
    I am very happy to place myself before a genuinly Independent panel to explain my responses rather than what I believe was a biased panel who found me guilty.

  9. Afternoon Bill.
    Thank you for clearing that up i speak of myself when i say i would never put another Councillor on standards ever! go in a room and have an argument otherwise we would all be on standards every five minutes,
    I could of been put on standards many times and in all fairness Tory Councillors have never took that route and by god i have deserved it sometimes.
    Bill is an old fashioned Tory that sticks with the true values and beliefs i know where i stand but that as not stopped us working together for the benefit of our residents.

    Regards Neville.

  10. Tories and Labour having to consult with main party politics before any decision can be made it seems from this. The independents on Canvey and Bob Spink are the only way forward and fortunately most Islanders will see this. If Rebbeca Harris or Julian Ware Lane (god forbid) win the Island will have no commitment from either of them as they are party animals who are less about local issues and only their own self enrichment and status. CIIP are doing fine by the majority who voted for them and I am sure they will all be out in support of Bob Spink as they realise that they are better of with him at the helm as a local independent than being led from central government, who cater and are dictated to by party politics, before they even consider the wishes of the community

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